Inspiring Uses Of Custom Washi Tape

Use Custom Washi Tape To Create Mini Bunting 

Following on from the technique used to make Custom Washi Tape paperclips, add your pennant tape to a piece of baker’s twine to create little bunting! Why not pop this bunting onto wooden skewers to act as a cake topper?

Use Custom Washi Tape In Cardmaking

Custom Washi tape is so versatile that it’s the perfect accessory to have on hand when cardmaking.

 Use your Washi tapes to create full backgrounds in different formations – stripes, checks, plaid, chevrons. Punch or die-cut washi pieces to create small patterned embellishments or use it to build designs as shown below with this fantastic Christmas tree!

Why not take it one step further and add decorative touches to gift wrap using Wash tape?

Used Custom Washi Tape For Labels

Although Custom Washi tape is designed to add decorative touches, it’s also extremely practical, and low-tack which is great for adding and removing to a variety of surfaces. 

Have you tried using Washi tape to create labels for household or crafty supplies as Lou has done here? Experiment with different tape and pens to get the desired look for your space!

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