Improve Your Site’s Visibility and Ranking with a Website SEO Tool

Businesses, even the most traditional ones, have realized the need for going online to increase their customer base. With more and more people shifting online for shopping and other services, the need for website SEO has risen to take a brand, product, or service to potential customers. SEO or Search Engine Optimization will help enhance a website’s visibility online and search engine rankings.

A website’s performance, to a large extent, depends on the organic search, which increases traffic and helps the visitors to a website complete a conversion. Higher search engine rankings will help you get more prospective customers actively searching for your products or service. 

You need to ensure that your website figures on the top search engine results of Google, Yahoo, or Bing if it has to be found online by customers. With a simple SEO all-in-one tool, you can carry out website optimization through an easy-to-understand and phased action plan. If you are a beginner, you can gain an understanding of SEO.

How does Simple SEO work?

Being a web-based solution, Simple SEO helps optimize your website through quick and easy steps. In the process, you can have good knowledge of SEO through a customized action plan, customer feedback, industry information, and performance reports to increase your site’s visibility and ranking online. Here’s how it works:

  • You need to answer some questions relevant to your business, website, location, and industry to start with.
  • Next, you need to provide keywords relevant to your business, product, or service, which your target customers are using to search online.
  • The tool will search for each keyword on the top websites listed on the search engines. It will determine the keywords that will have a major impact on customers looking for your products or service. 
  • Next, Simple SEO will create a list of actions based on the priority and guide you step-by-step through the tasks. The recommended SEO actions are website design and content, web and mobile development, content creation, social media, and brand marketing. 
  • You can create your own SEO action list showing the tasks delegated and their progress.
  • Get comprehensive reports to track your website’s performance. Learn from the reports the actions that helped improve your site’s search engine rankings.

You can find a reliable service provider offering the best Simple SEO plans. For a startup or small business, there are basic plans. You can also choose a premium or ultimate plan depending on your business requirement.

Get to know some features of Simple SEO

Simple SEO is an easy-to-understand tool suitable for any type of business. With it, you can:

  1. A quick and easy-to-perform actions

You can have a customized SEO plan with bite-sized tasks that helps improve your website’s traffic. The step-by-step SEO guide helps execute every prioritized task to fix critical SEO issues. The tool recommends specific actions based on the analysis conducted by it.

  • Keyword ranking for the right keywords

Simple SEO uses powerful machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyse your keywords with your competitors’ websites. It will recommend a list of actions to perform in various categories like website design, content creation, brand marketing, social media marketing, and web and mobile development to improve your website’s visibility.

  • Automated reporting

You get your site’s performance report to know the progress. The report helps you know the actions that contributed to the website’s improvement in ranking, who your customers are, and from where you get sales.

If you are looking for a solid SEO plan to help your website rank higher on the search engines, you should consider subscribing to a suitable Simple SEO plan.

Michael Caine

Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.