Improve Emotional Health and Practice Self-Compassion 

What’s your top worry right now? Now , imagine your closest friend in your position. Would you have any advice to offer them? Perhaps you could tell them to breathe deeply and regain some perspective. If they realize that the situation will ease and calm will prevail, they are more likely to take control.

You can be the same kind of person to yourself?

“Without self-compassion, it’s difficult to foster any kind of mental emotional wellness,” SRL Path Lab suggests.

She shares these suggestions to improve your self-compassion as well as increasing your emotional wellbeing.

Factors that Influence Emotional Well Being and the Way to Take Control

Consuming a healthy diet, exercising frequently, and getting enough rest isn’t just good for our bodies but helps us to manage our moods. “When we eat fast food and try to get by on a few hours of sleep, it will enhance our negative stress response, leaving us feeling especially sensitive,” Dr. Timko says.

Another crucial part in the equation is managing stress. There are a myriad of ways for stress to enter our lives. We must be aware of how we deal with stress. Doctor. Timko suggests meditation.

“Apps like Calm and Headspace have reshaped the conversations around meditation and made it much more accessible,” she claims. “And you can benefit from doing it just a few minutes a day.”

Social Support is Vital and how to find Comfort

Being able to openly communicate with a parent, sibling or a friend from the same circle can remind us, in stressful moments as well as in everyday ones that we’re not the only ones. It can be a huge help in bringing us back to our roots.

However, your support system shouldn’t be restricted to family members the Dr. Timko says. Include anything that soothes you like A pet, a favorite podcast that you regularly listen to or an art journal.

“I’m a big believer in growth through connection,” Dr. Timko says. “But we’ve learned during the pandemic that, short of an interpersonal connection, lots of other things can lift our mood.”