Important Signs For Which You Must Visit A Dentist

Oral health is as important as your overall health, and you must never neglect it. Whether you are 70 or 7, always take care of your oral health and practice proper hygiene. It’s a general recommendation to brush yourself twice every day, but there are a lot more other things you must do to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Also, make a point to visit a dentist regularly to ensure nothing is wrong. 

Usually, people believe they should only visit a dentist when they experience discomfort or pain in their teeth. Of course, it’s true, but you should still visit them when everyone is fine, as there could be underlying issues with your oral health. However, here are a few important signs that you shouldn’t ignore and visit your dentist immediately. 

1. Bleeding After Flossing Or Brushing: You should know that blood on your tooth rush or in the sink is anything but normal. It is also called periodontal disease, an infection in the tissues which hold your teeth together. If left untreated, gum diseases can lead to bone loss around the teeth and eventually result in tooth loss. So, visit any dentist from dental hygienist Adelaide if you experience bleeding or swollen gums.

2. Dry Mouth: A healthy mouth will be lubricated well with saliva, neutralizing the acid released by plaque and washing away the food particles. If you feel that your mouth is unusually dry, it could be a sign of disease or illness. Your dentist can determine the exact cause and suggest ways to restore moisture. So, don’t ignore it; make sure to visit your dentist in case of a dry mouth. 

3. Receding Gums: Some gum recession is normal as it’s considered to be a part of the aging process. However, a recession can also be a sign of gum disease. Irrespective of the cause, retreating gums can expose sensitive roots to teeth, increasing the risk of infection, decay, pain, and even tooth loss. When it’s detected earlier with the help of a dentist, treatment can stop the situation from worsening. 

4. Shifting Or Loosening Teeth: Adult teeth should last a lifetime, if not all, most of them, till you get older. If you notice sight shifting or widening gaps, take it very seriously. It could be a sign of infection or bone loss. Also, notice if your teeth change the fit when you bite something. Visit a dentist from Prospective Smiles immediately if your teeth are shifting. 

5. Bumps And Sores: Common sores are normal and will clear up on their own in one or two weeks. But if there are other oral lesions, know it needs to be treated. A fungal infection called candidiasis or thrush may show up as a white sore on your inner cheek, tongue, tonsils, or roof of your mouth. So if you notice the build-up of sores in any of these areas, visit your dentist as soon as possible. 


The above signs may arise out of nowhere, even if you follow healthy oral practices. Any of these could result in teeth loss and many other diseases and illnesses. So, your issue is checked by dental hygienist Adelaide before it’s too late.