If you study in Australia, get used to the 10 things 

When you think of the first thing you will miss when you arrive in Australia, surely you think mainly of two things: family and food. But we assure you that there are many more things that you will also remember with nostalgia… We warn you so that you can get used to the idea.



You already imagined this, right? You already know that being away from your loved ones is never easy, when you decide to study abroad. From your parents, from your siblings and especially from your friends.

But calm down. In reality, today’s technology allows you to maintain daily contact with the people you love – or that you want – easily: video calls with all your relatives, endless conversations with your mother answering all the questions they have to ask you, infinite WhatsApp with your friend about that “posture” photo you uploaded on the beach… in the end you won’t miss them so much.


Imagine a good ham or chorizo sandwich, a freshly made paella with all the ingredients a paella should have, a dish of your grandmother’s lentils, patatas bravas, potato omelette… And now stop imagining it, because here it will be complicated.

It is true that in the markets you can find all kinds of ingredients to cook whatever you want, from an omelette to a plate of beans, but you will probably say that “it doesn’t taste the same” (if you don’t say so, surely someone else will). And the truth is that food in Australia does not taste the same: neither better nor worse, just different. Of course, you can find top quality products, but chorizo, what chorizo is…


Good blinds! In Australia it dawns early. Coming soon. Between 4:30 and 6:30, depending on the season. Blinds are one of those things you won’t miss until you get here – or until you’re reading this post. You won’t miss them, surely, until one day you decide to sleep late. It will be then when a magnificent and radiant sun enters through your window and wakes you up without mercy. An effective solution is to use blackout curtains, although you won’t get complete darkness. Our advice? Get up and enjoy the day.


As we have said, in Australia you get up early. Therefore, it is completely understandable that you regulate your meal times according to your early rises. Here you eat from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and dinner from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It may be that you see someone eating or dining outside of those hours. It’s probably someone like you, who’s still trying to get used to the schedule.


You didn’t expect this, but yes. Australia is a really advanced country in countless aspects, but the internet… one of its pending issues. In most cities the connections are really slow, there are even areas far from the city where people have limited access to the internet. In general, the rates are not very expensive, but their speed is in keeping with the Aussie lifestyle… Keep calm mate!


And not just alcohol. Tobacco in Australia is also really expensive. In addition, you can only buy alcohol in specialized stores for it. No supermarkets. And for tobacco you will have to go to a specific space within the supermarket itself. Come on, mess. The best thing is that soon you will stop missing him, when you just end up leaving him. 


Plugs? That?! Are there no plugs in Australia?! Relax, yes there are, but perhaps not precisely where you need them. For example, as I write this article my computer cable is crossing dangerously from side to side of my dining room.

On the other hand, each socket has its own switch. A switch that you have to turn on and off every time you plug or unplug something. Do not forget. Because in principle it is a good mechanism to save energy, but it is usually a bit frustrating when you forget to press it before going to bed and find your mobile at 1% when you get up in the morning.


Those stores where you find everything you need, when you need it. And you can find them in any corner. In Australia you can also find similar stores, but you will have to look for them carefully or ask someone to tell you where they are, because they are not easy to find. Remember this name: Kmart. This chain of stores may be able to get you out of trouble on more than one occasion.


In most countries, when we think of a fly, a spider or a mosquito we think of a small, practically innocent and harmless bug. Forget about this when you come to study in Australia. We are not going to go into details about the size of these bugs in this country, so as not to discourage you from coming. We will simply say that you will miss those little spiders that in your country do not resist your shoe. Of course, remember, in Australia… no killing insects!


We have mentioned it before, and we will repeat it again. In Australia the driving laws are really strict. Do you know when you go out with the car and say “a beer and go home”? Well, in Australia, it better be average… or none at all.

If you are new, you cannot give even 0.01%. And if you are not, you must give below 0.05%… Come on, if you are going to take the car, you better ask for a coke. Because in the event that you exceed any of these limits, you go to trial directly. And it must not be very pleasant to be in front of the Australian court.

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