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iCareBilling is a US based online healthcare technology company that provides medical billing, RCM solutions and other IT based services to telemedical service providers, small and mid-sized medical facilities, group medical practices, and hospitals throughout the United Stated of America.


iCareBilling is an online healthcare information technology company that has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. The company provides complete, professional and expert services, such as medical billing, practice management, RCM solutions, web design services, insurance credentialing, and denial management services to both small and large medical establishments such as independent healthcare practices, group medical facilities, large medical groups and hospitals throughout the U.S. These services can be customized to fit the needs of small, medium and large healthcare entities such as solo and group medical practices, hospitals, home health and home care facilities along with remotely managed tele-health practices.

In the year 2020, the business initially launched its operations in the state of Illinois as an information technology service provider catering to the healthcare industry. iCareBilling’s primary focus is to provide services to both individual practitioners, independent medical clinics, group medical practices and hospitals. They also offer specialty-focused medical billing services to a variety of healthcare business entities to meet their specialty requirement as well as the HIPAA, HITECH, federal and state regulations related to the specific specialty and type of business entity.

The company expanded into a platform that offers many different types of business services, such as medical billing and healthcare analytics for hospitals, management assistance for independent healthcare specialists, healthcare information technology-based software services, Revenue Cycle Management or RCM services for healthcare professionals, physician enrollment, and credentialing services with insurance companies for medical healthcare providers, solo and group practices, medical inpatient, and outpatient facilities.


iCareBilling has good scope and potential for medical systems support in the U.S. healthcare industry. The platform has proven to be useful both solo and as an extension to preexisting software services by aiding and improving the overall working capabilities and enhancing the performance of such systems. Some of these healthcare systems are discussed further down in this article.

  1. Medical Billing

The major service provided by iCareBilling is medical billing services to its clients. The company offers both installations of new EHR software and integration of the old healthcare management software to improve its working efficiency for scheduling patient appointments, patient intake process, and claim submission through the clearinghouse to insurance companies & patients, and reimbursement collection of provided healthcare services. The iCareBilling’s medical billing service works by creating an automated workflow, and phase wise interface & data management making the overall process smoother. Medical billing services offered by iCareBilling ensure timely logging of patient and insurance data with maximum accuracy and smooth cash flow by transferring the data between healthcare EDI and software venders including any EHR/EMR system or medical billing software. In addition, the company is able to provide healthcare account receivable and collection services, which can be utilized by its customers.

   2. Practice Management

iCareBilling also offers Practice Management services for medical professionals. The company offers practice management services to independent practicing doctors, network of medical groups as well as group medical practices, hospitals, and labs. The experts use goal-oriented and data-specific algorithms to provide with optimal medical practice management services. This leads to refined experience, which in turn improves strategic clinical decision-making by the healthcare business owners and stakeholders in order to provide result-oriented patient care.

   3. Revenue Cycle Managerment

Revenue Cycle Management or RCM services ensure EHR integrated financial management service, logging and maintenance of patient and insurance data, and management services to ensure the higher reimbursement from insurances and patients to improve revenue and collections in healthcare entities. iCareBilling features a flexible Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions platform that can adapt to any electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), or medical billing software that is currently on the market in the healthcare industry. The management model provides full access and control to its user enabling them to customize their existing EHR/EMR to RCM platform with integrated workflow and portability mechanism along with IT based solutions to suit their specific needs for a better and improved patient experience at healthcare services provider’s offices.

4. IT Support Services with Web Design Platform

IT Support, and Web Design Services are being offered by the company to improve the brand awareness and online visibility of any medical organization or healthcare centers. iCareBilling offers these IT support services to help the healthcare organizations attract more patients and reach to their targeted audience with up-to-date web design platform for positive patient engagement to keep up with industry trends. The company provides online web-based platform designing, regular updates and maintenance services to its clients, that promises a strategic, interactive and adaptable solution for their interface which can assist patients with patient portals and online payments. The platform helps healthcare providers to engage patients and enables them to implement a result-oriented call to action on social media and marketing campaigns. The company promises flexibility and ease of support for their clients ensuring proper fulfilment of their IT support needs that are fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH laws.

iCareBilling is compatible with a variety of electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), practice management and medical billing software along with different healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI) vendors, and HL7 integration partners currently available in the market. The iCareBilling services model can be used to customize the data specific algorithm and business intelligence (BI) of platform and enhance their capabilities to the maximum, and to improve healthcare practices revenue and collections. The following is a list of some of the most popular healthcare platforms that are compatible with iCareBilling:

  • PracticeFusion
  • AthenaHealth
  • Kareo
  • iCareEHR
  • NextGen Healthcare
  • AdvancedMD
  • Allscripts
  • WebPT
  • DrChrono
  • WayStar
  • Office Ally
  • Ability Network

iCareBilling is one of the most efficient and goal oriented medical billing services providers in the industry right now and the services provided are unique in terms of integrating the RCM services with any healthcare EDI or software vendor in United States of America. The aim of iCareBilling is to enable healthcare providers to dedicate their time to focus on improving patient care while they manage administrative tasks related to medical billing, practice management or RCM services. These companies are helping to improve the standards of medical sector by introducing latest and up to date IT based technology solutions and latest trends to improve patient care. With clear benefits, companies like these ensure and strive toward the improvement of patient care standards that ultimately improve quality of life nationwide.

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