How Utah’s Premier Therapeutic Boarding School Helps Struggling High School Students

Our experiences as young people seem so useless and removed from the lives of our own children. When we were young, we couldn’t imagine a world of constant attention, communication, and information. Our kids can’t be protected from the things our parents kept from us—but they can be taught how to engage with this new world in a healthy and productive way.

That’s why Diamond Ranch Academy exists, to help teens cope with the day-to-day challenges that can cause stress and trauma.

What is Diamond Ranch Academy?

Diamond Ranch Academy is a new way of weaving therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment through the educational experience. Put another way, Diamond Ranch Academy is a boarding school that also helps children cope with addiction, mental health, and behavioral issues.

Located in Hurricane, Utah, Diamond Ranch Academy is a large and well-appointed campus with extensive academic, athletic, and performing arts facilities with a focus on outdoor adventures and co-operative, group, activities.

Diamond Ranch Academy combines rigorous academics and cutting-edge therapy in a wholesome and nurturing nature-oriented package.

Why choose Diamond Ranch Academy?

Often the only way to change our children’s behavior is to remove them from the toxic environment they are in and move them into a place that will nurture the positive aspects of who they are. Diamond Ranch Academy exists to serve that purpose.

Diamond Ranch Academy’s extensive campus includes football, soccer, and other sports facilities, facilities for the staging of plays, and facilities for teaching practical subjects like shop and woodworking.

Diamond Ranch Academy operates on a philosophy of holistic education, and we try to inject a level of “realness” into every activity we do. Diamond Ranch Academy puts children in a system that mirrors our adult world, and the boarding school encourages teens to not only care for one another—but to keep each other accountable. The therapeutic boarding school’s “Real Life Transition” program helps children adjust to a structured world of rules and expectations all the while delivering the necessary therapeutic treatment to help ease their eventual move into adult society.

Their instructors are all well-educated and intimately familiar with the subjects they teach, and many have advanced degrees in their fields. The private high school’s rehabilitation staff is also top-notch. Consisting of several licensed doctors, counselors, and therapists, our wellness professionals will help your child overcome their health and behavioral issues.

All Diamond Ranch Academy educators and counselors have been extensively vetted and hired in accordance with Utah state standards.

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