How to Write Selection Criteria Response in 2020

Applying for a good job demands you to write a selection criteria response. Now both of the middle and high jobs wither in government or private sector demand selection criteria. The chances of your job approval depend 50% on these criteria.s

Selection criteria basically contain your skills, abilities, qualifications, and, knowledge which match with the job demands. You must be specific before writing about yourself and always check that your words limit may not exceed. 

What is the Selection Criteria?

As mention earlier, the Selection criteria response is mandatory in many job vacancies. It means that you need to write about your skills, passion, abilities, gut, talent, knowledge, experience, and qualification which will let them know that you are right for the job. One must understand and learn key considerations of writing the criteria before submitting their application.

You need three things to get a job named as a cover letter, resume, and a separate selection criteria form. But make sure you should have something unique from other applications if you are finding a good job vacancy.

Our team has collected some good examples and a set of keys to let you understand better what mainly selection criteria response includes. The examples are as follows:

  • A person’s ability to work in a team in a group environment.
  • Have some really high-level team management skills.
  • Must fulfill the qualification requirement for a certain job.
  • Must be good at time management and insuring work before deadlines. 

How to Nail Your Selection Criteria Response

You must learn strategies and key considerations before searching for a job. But if have not much time then you are in the right place. Our editors have researched a lot and collected the best data to nail the selection criteria. If you follow these steps you will definitely recommend for the job you are applying for.


Step One: Understand what’s being demanded from you.

Step Two: Opening the statement with the SAO approach.

Step Three: Proofread your statements

Step Four: Think about new ideas for selection

Step Five: Be critical while going through the checklist

1. Understand what’s being demanded

The first and the main step before filling out the form is understanding the job needs and requirements. One must go into the details of the job that they actually demand from their employers and their mindset. If you go in-depth you will find what skills and abilities I should have to be recommended for this job. For example, the company is demanding interpersonal skills so, you should develop skills related to it. The skills include great verbal communication, effective working with other employees, and the ability to work both formally and informally.

2. Opening the statement with the SAO approach

SAO approach includes a statement after every criterion in which you have to explain the following things in one sentence. The sentence includes when and where you did them, what and how you to actions, and the outcome of your actions. 

You must keep the sentence short to explain why they should hire you. It should be specific. You can get a clear idea through this example.

“I possess team management skills learned through the experience of decades as an HR manager.”

3. Proofread your statements

Proofreading is the mandatory part of writing a selection criteria response for the vacancy. You must check that your document is free from errors, looks positive, specific/precise, check your abilities and skills. If these all things are matching correct it means your proofreading is perfect. You can also check your grammatical or other mistakes through online tools like Grammarly.

4. Think about new ideas

You must think about the ideas of every selection criteria because all demand different kinds of skillset, abilities, qualities, and knowledge. So, one must have an understanding of different job vacancies. For better understanding, I will give you an example. Suppose there are three jobs of project managers. All demands one mandatory skillset which may include past experience and work in a team, verbal communication, and effective team coordination.

5. Be critical while going through the checklist

The last and most important step is to be critical while going through the checklist because if you are not paying attention and this step the chances are that your application will be rejected. You have to ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Check whether you write all the elements in the selection criteria.
  2. Have you provided proof of all your skills and abilities.
  3. Choose the rights words in the overall response.
  4. Have my response been checked by an experienced person in this field.

5 Tips for a Get Hired for Job

The tricks and tips we are sharing with you are proven and had worked for everyone. My friends who applied for these tips and now at a great job. The tips to get hired are as follows:

  1. Do great research before submitting an application for the job.
  2. Provide clear examples and proof of your work.
  3. Focus on outcomes you received from actions and match with the selection criteria.
  4. Ask an experienced person to proofread your application.
  5. Always be ready to start elaborating you the examples you have written.

The STAR Model Technique

STAR model technique is one of the most useful strategies used by employees to get hired. But most of the people don’t know about it when they start filling the selection criteria response. Using this technique will provide you with guaranteed results.

So basically, STAR stands for:

Situation: Describe your role in the job and applied skills.

Task: Briefly describe the task and how would you accomplish it.

Actions: How and what you did to produce great outcomes

Result: Specifically describe the outcomes of your actions.

After answering all the questions and verifying them, you are now able to submit all your applications. And wish yourself the best of luck for the efforts you put in them. These considerations, tricks, tips, strategies, and considerations will give you a fruitful reward.