How to Use Pinterest to Promote your Business Online?

Are you also addicted to Pinterest? Besides creating picture boards on Pinterest, you can do so much more. People often use this visual discovery engine to find ideas and inspiration. It uses a visual orientation to focus on a person’s lifestyle and enables you to share your interests with like-minded people.

As Pinterest is the fastest growing media platform for content sharing, it can be an ideal platform for your brand as well. You can capitalize on this growing platform to market your products and grow your customer base. Pinterest’s visual orientation keeps the audiences engaged and enables businesses to design compelling graphics to create more conversions. Want to promote your business on Pinterest? Here is how you can achieve your goals.

Create a Business Account

Creating a Pinterest business account is essential if you want to promote your business to your target audience. Business account will let you control your content and branding, and it will also give you access to marketing tools like Pinterest Analytics, widgets, and tag. If you don’t want to create a new account, Pinterest also has a solution for it. You can convert your current account into a Pinterest business account without losing any content.

However, if you want to grow your business and run ads on your account, you’ll have to upgrade it as this feature is not free.

Customize Your Profile

The next step is to customize your profile by adding a profile picture, display and username, and information about your business. This will help your target audience find your board. If you have other accounts, claim them so all of your content can get analytics.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Like any other platform, you should also develop a marketing strategy for Pinterest. This marketing strategy can include your brand’s vision and objectives, surveying your competitors, identifying your target audience, and setting SMART goals. A well-developed marketing strategy will act as a blueprint to help you achieve your goals efficiently. 

Choose the Type of Content Your Audience Prefers

It is important to understand the type of content your target audience prefers and will engage with. It could be infographics, tips, tricks, or even blog posts. It is very easy to find their preference. You should look at the type of pinned content on your audience’s pages.

Moreover, your content should be relevant and in line with your brand. Don’t try to sell yourself short over trying to gain engagement. You should also post helpful information on your page once in a while. Having an idea about your audience’s preferences will make it easier to create pins.

Post Unique & Relevant Content

Pinterest is a visual content platform filled with videos and images. Standing out among such a plethora of content can be a challenge, but you can do it by sharing engaging and unique content. Here is how you can share unique and engaging visual content:

  • Brand images without faces receive 23% more pins on Pinterest
  • Promote your business and products with branded videos
  • If you have the budget, go for Pinterest Promoted Video
  • The videos should be short with 30 – 90 seconds duration
  • Feature your product in action (lifestyle photos) so customers can envision using them in their daily life
  • Post pictures with a background and avoid excessive use of black or white spaces in your photos

Optimize Your Content

How do you stand out among millions? Posting high-quality content is not enough. For visibility and reach, it is essential to optimize your content and keywords are one way to do it. Efficient use of keywords can make you organically appear in your audience’s feeds and searches. You can use these keywords in your profile, posts, boards, and pins.

Before posting on Pinterest, always optimize your pins. You can use the provided checklist to optimize them:

  • Use a URL
  • Include keywords in the title, description, and file names
  • Align your boards with your keywords
  • Include hashtags
  • Follow other boards to boost visibility
  • Create boards for your blogs posts
  • Respond to your users’ comments

Categorize Your Content

Categorizing your content can make your pins and boards more visible to your audience. Users can easily find your content while searching and going through specific categories. Categories help you align your content with your business while making it easier for users to navigate your account. They are also a great way to improve your in-app SEO and increase your reach. This leads to more conversions and a greater audience.

If you want to boost your business, it is essential to choose the right categories as they provide information to the Pinterest algorithm to analyze and understand your brand. Some popular Pinterest categories include:

  • DIY
  • Food and Drink
  • Art
  • Design
  • Beauty
  • Women’s fashion

Share Your Content on Other Social Media Platforms

Sharing your content on other social media platforms can increase your visibility and boost your business. You can use the “claim your YouTube or Etsy account” feature to increase your content’s reach. This feature makes your Pinterest profile information appear next to your YouTube or Etsy content whenever someone saves it on their board. Moreover, you can also claim your account to gain access to Analytics on all your pins, which will enable you to see what your audience prefers.

Follow Other Accounts

Following and interacting with other accounts not only create personal relationships but also boost your business visibility. This engagement creates a sense of loyalty in your followers towards your business, eventually leading to conversions. Here are some marketing tactics that can help you build a strong relationship with your audience on Pinterest:

  • Follow accounts with similar interests to your business
  • Engage with your followers’ content by liking, commenting, or Re-Pinning it
  • Respond to your followers’ comments on your content
  • Involve your audience by hosting a giveaway or a contest


Humans are visual creatures, and high-quality images have the power to captivate and convince them to buy something. Pinterest is an ideal platform for your business. It has the potential to enhance your business organically for free. The right use of this platform can inspire your audience to use your products.

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