How To Use Green Tea Face Serum For Oily, Acne Prone Skin 

While caring for our skin is really important, it can sometimes get difficult and tiring because of the various things to check before buying the right skincare product for your skin. There are different types of products for acne prone skin, for oily skin, for dry skin and so the list goes on.

This is one of the major concern of people thinking which one should they buy? However, what if we told you that it is possible to have just one product which will sort you for all the skin types. No, this isn’t a joke or a miracle. It is the new Hydradetox moisture replenishing face serum by Lotus Botanicals.

It has Green tea as its main ingredient along with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and cucumber, which make it a natural product with no side effects and abundance of moisture to give your skin the glow it deserves.

Skin Care For Acne Prone And Oily Skin

Having an oily or acne prone skin brings some problems. However, one should never get  dissatisfied with their skin and come up with a positive attitude. It’s more about how you carry yourself in confidence along with the right skincare routine than about the skin type. Green tea face serum is the way to go for acne prone and oily skin.

Even while oily, acne-prone skin requires additional care, if you find a routine that works for you, it’s simple to manage. When you begin creating a routine for oily skin, green tea is one of the essential substances to seek for. Green tea is a great detoxifier, and oily skin likes it.

It makes your skin look healthy and nourished by assisting in the control of oil and pollutants. Hence, look for a green tea face serum. While we’re talking about green tea face serum, lets understand why green tea only.

What’s Inside Green Tea

As you are aware, the Camellia sinensis plant is the source of green tea. In addition to being your go-to dip and sip, green tea has a number of other health advantages. A significant component of Korean skincare is green tea, which is on the list of hanbang (Korean traditional medicine).

Anyone who has sipped green tea, even as a novice, is likely familiar with antioxidants and how they support health tea face serum

The intriguing method that what we know as antioxidants control free radicals is (a quick fact about free radicals is that these compounds are responsible for causing inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular problems, cell damage, and cancer). Thus, antioxidants prevent these radicals from changing your DNA and aid in cell repair and maintenance, preventing free radicals from having a negative impact on your cells.

Some quick facts about green tea

  1. Green tea raises metabolism, which could aid in enhancing fat burning.
  2. It possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  3. It has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any kind of tea.
  4. Green Tea contains a tiny bit of caffeine as well.
  5. Green tea has been consumed for a very long time.
  6. Both dark circles and puffy eyes can be effectively treated with it.

Green Tea for Acne

One aspect of green tea is that it functions well as a component in skincare products. It contains the polyphenols epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epicatechin gallate (ECG), which are collectively referred to as catechins.

 These substances have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial characteristics that can eliminate bacteria responsible for acne.

In 2022, you’ll probably look through a tonne of over-the-counter treatments for your acne. Additionally, your acne may or may not be helped by these solutions. Why? Some acne treatment techniques may help the problem, but they also run the risk of creating new ones, including drying out your skin.

Green tea enters the picture in this situation. We have now discussed the special catechins (also known as EGCG) and polyphenols that are present in green tea. These are strong anti-acne ingredients that not only treat the problem but also have additional advantages like anti-aging, free radical protection, and skin calming.

The majority of skin types can usually get along with it, but those with oily or acne-prone skin may find it more helpful. Intriguingly, green tea does not dry out your skin even though it does balance oil levels and minimise excessive sebum levels.

Side Effects of Green Tea

Green tea does not appear to have any known adverse effects, which is good news. However, some people may react allergically to it, just as other people may react allergically to different chemicals. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution and determine whether you have any reactions.

Using the Hydradetox Green Tea Moisture Repleneshing Face Serum

  1. Skin Type Suitability

 This face serum is meant for all skin types. It works wonders on Acne prone and oily skin.

  1. Benefits

This cleanser features a proprietary component called Anti Sebum P that aids in maintaining pores and controlling excess sebum. Hyaluronic and green tea extracts have moisturising properties.

  1. It soothes skin under stress.
  2. It also makes skin texture better.
  3. This face serum keeps your skin’s oil balance without drying it out.
  1. Directions to applying it

Apply a generous quantity on your palm spread it evenly on your hands, ensure that there is no water as this is a face serum, not a face wash. It already has the hrdation within. Then, gently rub your face from head to toe. Finally, sit idle for sometime to allow it to settle and then you may or do anything you like. The best time to apply it is before sleeping so that it remains on your skin for around 7+ hours making the most of it.

Bottom Line

Green Tea face serum is a sure shot way of giving your face the much needed hydration. It is one of the best natural ways to moisturize the face without any side effects. One should definetly add this to their skin care routine. 

Green tea face serum by lotus botanicals should be preferred over any other face serum, because of the various qualities it possess along with being made from 100% natural ingredients it has zero side effects and is suitable for all skin types as well.