How to Tweak Your App Design Strategy for the Holiday Season?

Every year, the holiday season gives mobile app developers and designers a great opportunity to make some little changes in the app and enjoy increased revenue. Adding holiday spirit to your mobile app may sound easier, but it is exactly not the case.

Preparing your mobile app for the holiday season needs careful planning and creative skills to attract more users. You need to plan the holiday cycle and implement holiday design themes, gamification features, and videos to convince users to spend time on your app.

According to the statistics, it is the right time for mobile app developers to get their apps ready for the holiday season so that they can serve the customers’ needs. According to the statistics, mobile commerce sales will reach $700 billion by 2023. People use holiday-based apps during the holiday season to fulfill their needs and desires.

If your mobile app needs a holiday makeover, here are some easy app design tips for mobile app development teams to prepare your mobile app for the holiday season.

Let’s get started.

1.       Change Your App Design

Designing your app for the holiday season is the key to getting the attention of more and more users. In fact, apps are the best way to inform your target users about the exciting discount deals, freebies, amazing products, and services you are offering during the holiday time. Updating the app for the holiday season is a great marketing tactic that can help brands get more conversions.

 When users open your app, make sure it offers holiday vibes. If you are planning to start a holiday marketing campaign to offer Black Friday discounts or Cyber Monday deals, you can add seasonal themes to the app design.   

2.       Update Content

If you are offering exclusive discounts for the holiday season, add holiday-specific content to your app. It will keep users informed about your holiday sales. For instance, you can add images, screenshots, and icons to optimize your app for the holiday season. Update the title, subtitles, and description to show users your brand is ready for the holiday season.

Incorporating keywords in your app’s metadata is a great SEO tip to increase its visibility on the app store search results. Holiday-related keywords such as Black Friday deals, Christmas gifts, Cyber Monday discounts, holiday sales, etc. can be incorporated into your app content. Adding these keywords to your app content will definitely increase your app’s visibility in the app store.

3.       Use Screenshots

Besides creating holiday content for your app and updating meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords, you can also add screenshots to your app description. Screenshots are used to highlight the most important app features and value proposition of your app. Users definitely see the screenshots before installing the mobile app. By optimizing these images, you can visually update your app, which shows you have prepared your app for the holiday season.

Keep in mind that your app icon and screenshots have a significant impact on your app store search results and conversion rate.  So, update your app page and add screenshots for the holiday season. Adding a special preview video is an amazing idea to promote your products or services during holidays.

4.       Change Your App Icon

It is one of the best app design ideas to try during the holidays that will allow your app to stand out in the app store. When you change your app icon and app copy, it will appear in the app store search results. People will notice the app which will increase your chances of app installs and more engagement.  

5.       Introduce Holiday-Themed Challenges

Holidays are the perfect time to try new fun and entertaining activities for your users. Provide users with some interesting ways to interact with your app. For instance, creating interesting challenges for the holiday season will definitely boost user engagement. You can provide a special discount and exclusive deal for the users after successfully completing the challenge. It will convince users to keep using your app and spend more time on the app.

6.       Make Sure it Works Well when Offline

During the holiday season, people spend time outdoors and limit their online activities. When users interact with your app during vacation time, the offline functionality can create a positive user experience. Allow users to access your app’s features during the offline mode.

It gives users an opportunity to continue using your app, even when they don’t have an internet connection. You can contact a professional mobile app development Dubai company for offline-first mobile app development.

7.       Add Gamification Features

Adding gaming elements to your mobile app is the most effective way to maximize user engagement and achieve your conversion goals. Mobile app gamification can trigger various human emotions, strengthen your holiday marketing strategy, and bring more revenue. When you add gamification to the app and set rewards for the challenge completion, it will encourage users to move forward and get more rewards.

A mobile app development company will help you create a gamification workflow for your app. For instance, you can add badges, levels, performance charts, points, and scoreboards to your mobile app gamification strategy for the holiday season. Implementing gaming elements to your app and offering holiday-related discounts will motivate users to buy more products and increase user retention rates.

To Sum up, All Things Up Preparing your app for the holiday sales season is a worthwhile choice that can help you achieve your conversion and profit goals in 2023. Making some little changes in the app design, updating metadata, and screenshots, and incorporating gamification features will make your app more profitable. Hopefully, these app design ideas for the holiday season will help you increase user engagement, generate more conversions, and skyrocket your holiday sales. 

Ahsan Amaan

Ahsan Amaan is a results and data-driven 'Certified Digital Marketer' & SEO Expert. He has 2+ years of experience in SEM, SEO, SMM, Google Ads, marketing evergreen content, and increasing overall website rankings. Worked professionally as a 'Digital Strategist' with Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords, and Social Media Ads.