“How to tell the difference between genuine leather and faux leather

There are more and more leather products on the market, and the prices of the products fluctuate according to whether they are advertised as real leather, high-end leather or cheap artificial leather. So how to tell the difference between genuine leather and fake leather, see the article below to be able to identify the best type of leather

Distinguishing real leather from fake leather by biometrics
There are two main types of imitation leather materials: imitation leather and PU leather.

With PVC leather, you can easily identify it because this material is cheap, hard, covered with a layer of polyester so it is very shiny, often used to make cheap bags, to make cheap shoes, product, cheap leather notebook.
When it comes to PU leather, it’s easy to get confused because it’s a high-quality soft faux leather material that’s almost like real leather. However, the nature of PU is still a synthetic compound, so it will flake off over time.

imitation leather
Ordinary genuine leather has a strong smell on the nose, while fake leather has a nylon smell or chemical smell (such as the smell of plastic or paint, scented gasoline).
– When the product is on fire: If it is genuine leather, the whole piece of leather is charred and has a burning smell of organic compounds (grilling smell), while imitation leather or PU leather will agglomerate when burned.

Genuine Leather
Apply a few drops of water to the surface of the skin. In the case of genuine leather, after a few minutes, you will see the water ripple spread and penetrate the skin. Real leather will always absorb moisture.
– If you have professional experience or work with leather products regularly, you can naturally tell the difference between real and fake leather by sight, touch or feel without knowing the biological properties of the skin.

Visual observation to distinguish genuine leather from imitation leather
– The leather surface is slightly rough with very natural leather ridges, or has sunken indentations, depending on the tanning and processing technique the leather surface will be flat, soft…but still rough in marks.

If you observe carefully on the surface of the dermis, there will be tiny pores, which can be seen with an ordinary magnifying glass. The surface of genuine leather does not have cracks or stretch marks like fake leather. The surface of imitation leather will usually be smooth and flat.
– When you press hard on the surface of the bag with your fingers, if it is genuine leather, it will leave dents. But imitation leather and synthetic materials cannot have this kind of elasticity.
– After using the leather for a period of time, the color will not be fresh and slightly dull. At this time, you wipe it clean and apply a little lotion or colorless polish, and the surface of the leather product will be fresh and soft immediately. Faux leather has little color change or is not affected much by wax or lotion.

PU leather model
– The most genuine leather products are cowhide handbags, which are very hard when new, but get softer with use. Fake leather wallets dry out and crack quickly.
– Genuine leather, in its raw form, is usually smaller in size and molded into animal shapes to produce this type of leather, which is usually zigzag rather than square, imitation leather usually has very large and square leather dimensions.
– The inside of the genuine leather wallet is almost bare, while the fake leather is lined and shaped cardboard. Imitation leather items are usually lined with fabric or interwoven threads, pressed against the back of the leather

Note: For some types of leather, nowadays, with the improvement of tanning technology, leather products can have the above different properties. I hope the above article can help you distinguish genuine leather from imitation leather.”

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