How to stop thinking too much and start living in the present.

We all go through problems. Some are petty, some transform our lives, while some make us wrack our brains and waste a lot of time and energy. Whatever challenge life presents, we can’t help thinking about it. We either fret aimlessly or else we try to find a solution. The problems may be your own or you may be worried sick about one of your family members who is going through a serious problem. There are problems that you face on a personal level and then there are bigger problems such as covid-19 and global warming. The other thing is that when you are in relationship with such person in which you are facing some language barrier in communication. And you are looking for some assistance like Text and Voice Translator App that can help you in your relationship. Whatever the case is, it’s tempting to dive into the dark pool of thoughts that can take you so low beneath the ground that instead of walking on the ground you’ll just be falling into a deep endless pit. The thought in your head at this very moment must be, ‘but I can’t help overthinking!’, well you’re wrong. You are in full control of your thoughts and if you knew how overthinking can severely affect your well-being, you would exercise effective control over your thoughts.

  1. Taking a leap of faith:

You want to make the best decision in a certain matter and so you keep thinking about the pros and cons for hours and hours but to no avail. This is because in some cases it isn’t possible to foresee the outcome and all you can do is take a leap of faith. There are some things that you have to experience for yourself to see how things go. Marriages and career choices are most unpredictable so you can’t assess what it’ll be like beforehand. Shifting from one place to another is a big decision and one that has to be made timely but overthinking will keep you from moving forward towards progress.

  • Trusting your instincts:

You overthink because you believe that the decision you make after pondering over a matter for several days will be the right one. But the more time you take, the farther away you move from what they call your ‘gut feeling’. You forget that your instincts are also very important and sometimes you just need to give something a try if it feels right. You should not be impulsive but don’t stretch your thoughts so far that you begin thinking of the long-term consequences. Unless there’s a chance someone else might get hurt in the process, you should go ahead and have some fun.

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  • Consciously distracting yourself:

Sometimes you might just be overthinking because you have nothing better to do. Sounds harsh but it’s a fact! There are a billion ways to distract yourself, and exercise should be on top of the list. Exercise in any form, yoga or dancing, is good for you. It will divert your mind from unnecessary thoughts and exhaust your body just enough to keep you from wasting the energy left by indulging in wasteful thinking. You’ll automatically be directed towards more productive thoughts after a successful workout.

  • Keeping away from fruitless assumptions:

The most tiring of thoughts is that ‘we were right all along. Making assumptions and then pinning them down on someone at the slightest pretext is one of the most harmful forms of overthinking. This can damage your relationships and leave you with the false belief that you were ‘right’ about someone from the start. When you’ve already formed judgment against someone it becomes difficult to give her/him the benefit of the doubt. Your emotions can make you overthink irrationally and make you sabotage your relationships.

  • Sharing to seek advice:

There’s a difference between seeking support and offloading. When you talk to someone about your problem do you do it because you want their advice? Or do you do it because you need to get it off your chest? But what you don’t realize is that you’re probably burdening someone else’s chest unnecessarily with your worries. Psychologists are trained to listen to patients without getting emotionally affected. But people among your friends and family will get affected by your constant venting. Be careful not to transfer your stress onto someone else and harm their health and peace of mind.

  • Forgetting and moving on:

Someone might have hurt you very badly but if you keep thinking about that person you’ll never be at peace. When you’re thinking about someone constantly, you’re giving them a chunk of space in your head and your heart. This person should be at the bottom of the list in your life after the suffering they put you through, but instead, you place them right at the top. This will only affect your health and make you grow bitter inside, so much so that you’ll start neglecting those people around you who truly matter.

Overthinking can lead you to harm yourself and harm others. Your vision will be unclear if your mind is always preoccupied with thoughts about the past or the future. For living in the present, you need to stop overthinking and actively work for something you aim to achieve in the future. Stressing yourself out by thinking about how difficult an exam will be is pointless compared to actually spending your time studying for the exam. Use Text and voice translator App to make friends and live in the moment by translating your messages with Text Translator, voice translator, GIFs, and text scanner feature. Download Now from Play Store and explore the amazing translation feature.