How to Stay Connected In A Long-Distance Relationship

Thankfully the internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected with your other half. Those miles apart will seem closer if you use the following tools to communicate.

There are many small steps that you can take to ensure a smooth communication channel is maintained with your partner, even with a lot of distance between you. 

If both of you are foodies at heart, getting some much-needed dessert delivered to your doorstep from your partner will be a great surprise. Just order in desserts from legitimate cake delivery in Kolhapur online bakery and gift shop. You will get the premium quality desserts possible. That too, home-delivered! Small, thoughtful actions can increase the fondness that you have for each other. Without further adieu here are some ways to get closer to your partner.

Stay Connected, No Matter How Far.

  • Text Messages – Probably one of the most comfortable and most convenient ways to get in touch with your other half. Texting in the 21st era is a great option. Many applications and software programs can help you get in touch with your better half. If you are using a smartphone, you can try using What’s App. This app allows you to text for free to any smartphone that has the same app installed. It comes with a download fee, but you’ll save that money many times over when using regular text messaging. It needs a smartphone internet data but barely uses up your allowance.
  •  Email – bridge the distance between your partner. Instead of regular email messages, try sending a joke or include some pictures to liven things up. Email is better than web chatting or texting because you can add a lot of things to make messages come alive. Why don’t you try sending a funny clip on YouTube or something that you can do together with video links?
  • Video Chat – some multiple services and apps allow free video calling. You can interact with your partner over a coZy and intimate video call. Just make sure you have a good webcam and mic (if you’re using a laptop they typically come installed). Video calling your partner is an excellent way to interact and see how your other half is. Some of the video calling applications allow you to call and send messages with their extremely efficient user interface.
  • Phone Call – Dial them up to say hi and catch up. If you get a voicemail answer, leave a lovely sweet message.
  • Traditional Mail – Not many people use conventional mail anymore which is why we are recommending it. Nothing is more personal than a traditional letter written from your significant other. Make it handwritten, draw some pictures, including some funny magazine clippings and even place some of your fragrance on it. Nostalgia will hit them hard.

  • Gift-Giving – What can be a better way to create some fond memory than waiting for your valentine day gifts to show up from your better half? The best thing about gifting is that it can be anything that you desire to gift.

You can either purchase a gift for the love of your life and gift wrap it all by yourself. If you do not have the wavelength of putting manual effort into either making or wrapping the gift, you can order the gift you wish to present to your partner online. Just place their address, and that will ensure safe delivery to your partner’s doorstep.

Keeping the intimacy and belongingness alive when you are far apart is not a very easy task. Just remember not to smother the other person. Giving adequate space and letting them know how much they mean to you are two important points to be kept in mind. There is no secret formula for how much and often this should happen, but you two should talk about it.

Hopefully, these pointers will bring your partner and closer to each other more than ever.

Sunil Kumarr

Sunil is an Indian Blogger, a contributor that likes writing & covering topics in General for 5 more years now.