How to spend a weekend in Ibiza?

When you hear the name Ibiza the first thing that comes to mind is the endless night of fun in the most scenic corner of the world. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this is one of the few islands that’s blessed with such beaches. Besides, this is also a World Heritage Site, which means you will have plenty of things to do. The clubbing scene of Ibiza has been drawing visitors from all across the world.  

Whether you are looking for a party scene or some quiet time by the beach, Ibiza is suitable for all kinds of fun activities. When you plan your trip, make sure you have the Ibiza airport transfer booked in advance. Booking an Ibiza private chauffeur will make sure you travel around the city with real ease. The airport transfer Ibiza service providers make sure you are picked up from the airport and taken to your hotel through the best route possible.

Take a stroll in the town of Ibiza 

The most explored destination of this beautiful island is Ibiza town itself. This is a port city facing the Mediterranean Sea and has some stunning beaches. The city is surrounded by a walled fortress which gives a unique charm to the entire settlement. The entire town is divided into 2 parts one is the Dalt Villa and the other is the Eixample.

Dalt Villa is also called the Old Town which is filled with some great restaurants and bars. This is the upper part of the city and the lower part example, where all the new constructions can be seen. Take an Ibiza chauffeur service to explore both parts of the city.

Es Cañar 

Es Cañar is a beach resort and it is quite famous for its hippy market. In the very beginning of its settlement, Ibiza was inhabited mainly by hippies and that is what grants the markets its beautiful colors. Punta Arabi is the oldest and biggest market in Ibiza. In this market, you will find local producers selling local produces, artifacts as well as things from all across the world.  

Start walking and you will find the never-ending line of stands. Besides, this hippie market is full of restaurants, clubs, and bars where you can find some of the amazing local cuisines as well as live musical performances. If you are accompanied by kids, there are also some good places for them. Kids can play there, while you enjoy the hippy vibe of the market. The market is held on every Wednesday and it’s a good place to buy souvenirs and local crafts. 

Once you have you have done exploring the hippy market you can head outdoors and enjoy windsurfing and parasailing.  The best way to explore the market is by taking a chauffeur service Ibiza.  

Es Vedra 

Es Vedra is one of the most interesting destinations in Ibiza. Located on the southwest coast of Ibiza, this magical rock is 400 meters high. Just the sight of it fills you with a magical feeling. If you are visiting Ibiza then this is a must-visit site. There are many legends surrounding these rocks and one of the famous ones is that this is the 3rd most magnetic place on earth. However, this is just a story and the locals don’t believe it.

This is also the place will the Sirens of Greek mythology evolved. It is believed that the Sirens used to lure sellers in this part of the island. So, if you want to hear some good stories ask the locals or you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding of Es Vedra. You can reach the nearest spot to board the ship via the Ibiza limousine service.

Sant Antony 

Sant Antony is known for its beautiful nightlife. Enter this area and there is no

shortage of restaurants bars and pubs, which remain open till the early hours of the morning. You can start your journey from the Sunset Strip and then move towards the West End. The sunset strip gives you a beautiful view of the sunset and as you Glide into the night West End offers some of the best spots for late-night parties. The Ibiza car service is one of the top ones so you will not have any issues with transportation.

Cala Llenya 

If you looking to spend some quiet time on the beaches of Ibiza then instead of heading towards the busier beaches go to Cala Llenya. The beach is just 10 minutes away from San Carlos. On top of it, there are very few people on the beach usually people go there to play a game of beach volleyball or sun bask. If you get to visit the beach on Sunday, you can also enjoy the Cala Llenya market. Take the car services Ibiza to reach the spot. While making a trip to Ibiza, make sure you have the Limousine service Ibiza booked in advance. Ibiza airport limousine service will take care of all your transportation requirements.