How to Smoke CBD Flower

CBD flower looks and smells like THC-rich cannabis, but it has entirely different effects. People around the country are lighting up CBD flower to relax and de-stress without getting high, and hemp flower continues to gain popularity. Learn how to smoke CBD flower, and find out how to choose the right type of hemp flower for your needs.

Learn the difference between CBD and THC

While CBD-rich hemp and THC-rich cannabis might be practically indistinguishable without performing a lab test, THC gets you high while CBD does not. To put it simply, THC intensely stimulates receptors in your brain that produce dopamine, which causes you to feel intoxicated. CBD, on the other hand, stimulates receptors that produce serotonin, which makes you feel calm and confident without becoming intoxicated or arrogant.

THC is addictive, but CBD is not habit-forming. In fact, scientists have yet to discover any significant side effects of CBD, making CBD-rich hemp flower an ideal health-conscious choice.

Pick a type of smokable hemp product

There are a few different ways to smoke CBD flower. You can grind it up and load it into a bong, smoke it in a pipe, or roll it up into a non-intoxicating hemp joint. Here are some details on the two most common types of CBD flower products:

CBD flower nugs

While loose CBD flower nugs can be a little bit messy or hard to handle, purchasing CBD flower in nug form allows you to smoke CBD in a variety of different ways. With CBD flower nugs, you can even load your hemp into a handheld or desktop vaporizer for an inhalable but smoke-free CBD experience.

CBD pre-rolls

CBD pre-rolls are incredibly convenient even if you can only smoke them in one way. Much like a marijuana joint or a cigarette, you can simply pull out a CBD pre-roll, light it up, and inhale whenever the mood strikes. Unlike THC or nicotine, CBD is non-addictive, and it won’t make you feel high.

Choose the perfect strain for your needs

There are lots of different strains of CBD flower on the market. These strains generally fall into one of three categories: Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. Indica CBD flower strains have relaxing, soporific effects while Indica strains are more energizing. Hybrid strains balance these traits to provide the best of both worlds.

CBD flower also varies significantly in terms of potency and quality. Indoor-grown, organic CBD flower is the best, and strains of hemp that were grown indoors can contain more than 25% CBD. Outdoor-grown CBD flower, on the other hand, usually offers potency levels of 15% or lower.

Light up in an appropriate place

You’ve picked the way that you want to smoke CBD flower, and you’ve chosen a strain that will fit your needs. Now, the only step left is to find an appropriate place and start smoking.

Unlike tobacco, CBD flower doesn’t leave a stale, musty odor behind. If you like, you could smoke your CBD flower inside. If you decide to smoke your CBD flower outside, just be careful to avoid giving people the wrong impression.

Since CBD flower looks and smells just like marijuana, it’s probably not a good idea to smoke CBD flower in a crowded place like a public smoking area or a bus stop. Find a private, quiet location, light up, and inhale.

Enjoy the potent effects of inhaled CBD

Since substances you absorb into your lungs bypass your liver, inhaling CBD provides potent, immediate effects. Regardless, CBD remains non-intoxicating, so these potent effects won’t make you feel high.

In most cases, the primary effects of inhaled CBD flower last for around 30-60 minutes, and smoking CBD often provides secondary effects that last significantly longer. Smoke CBD once, and enjoy a sense of enhanced relaxation and calm that lasts the rest of your day.


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