How to Shortlist Best Universities to Study MBBS Abroad

Becoming a doctor is a dream of most of the students. But due to financial and other problems, most of the students leave the idea of becoming a doctor. If you want to be a doctor even without spending lots of money, you need to study MBBS abroad.

How it can be possible?

For this, you need to seek admission in an overseas country. There are lots of countries that provide MBBS study in abroad. Being an Indian student, you can easily find the best medical university or institution to study medical in abroad.

But when it comes to studying MBBS in overseas, you first need to know about a right medical college or university. This is the point where most of the students get confused as there are lots of universities to go with.

Do you want to eliminate this confusion? You can check out here at or have a look on below tips that on how to shortlist top medical universities to study MBBS abroad.

Your Chosen University Should Be WHO and MCI Approved

When you decide to study MBBS in a foreign country, you can easily find lots of universities to go with. But here, you need to avoid getting admission in a university, which is not approved by WHO and MCI.

Obviously, you would like to study MBBS at an authorized university. So, you first need to confirm whether your chosen medical college or university in abroad is approved by WHO and MCI or not.

If you want to practice in India after completing your medical study in abroad, you need to choose a university that should be MCI approved.

Evaluate Facilities and Infrastructure of Your Chosen Medical College to Study MBBS Abroad

However, there are lots of medical universities and colleges in abroad, but you need to go with the best option. It means that you need to choose a medical university that should come incorporated with all modern facilities and a solid infrastructure.

You need to go through its ranking in the medical world. If the university you choose doesn’t have proper structure and facilities, you won’t be able to enjoy good medical education.

What’s the Duration for MBBS Course in Abroad?

When you decide to study MBBS abroad, you first need to know about the course duration. Taking course duration of MBBS course in overseas can help you making a right decision.

If you aren’t comfortable with the MBBS course duration in abroad, you need to look for other options.

Can I Get Scholarship?

If you want to reduce the cost of studying MBBS abroad, you need to choose a medical university that provides scholarship to foreign students.

For this, you need to go online, and create a list of top medical universities abroad that provide scholarship to shortlisted MBBS students.

English Should Be Primary Language for Medical Study in Abroad

You need to shortlist a few top medical universities around the world that should provide MBBS or other medical education in English.

If you can’t understand the language of your teacher or instructor, you won’t be able to grasp the knowledge about medical science.