How to Ship a Horse to Any State

If you own horses or if you are a trainer or a breeder, you may have to ship a horse to a new state, to a show, or to a new home. The process of shipping a horse can be very complicated. Aside from the obvious health requirements, there are other things to keep in mind.

First, check with your veterinarian to determine if your horse has any infectious diseases. In most cases, a health certificate can be issued to your horse. However, there are certain states that require a Coggins test. This is a type of test that tests for equine infectious anemia. It is usually required if you plan to enter or travel within the United States.

Another important thing to consider is that your health certificate must be valid at the time of the travel. Most states require a health certificate to be obtained within thirty days of entering the country. You can also ask your vet about vaccinations. Some organizations might require a shorter period of time. Also, you should ask about vaccinations if your horse is traveling internationally.

Be sure that your horse’s trailer is sanitized and well maintained. Horses traveling in a trailer should always be able to move their heads freely. Prolonged periods of non-movement can lead to shipping fever. Therefore, you should always take your horse out of the trailer for at least eight hours after the travel day is complete.

To avoid dehydration, be sure to drink plenty of water. Your horse can also be offered flavored electrolyte powder in its water. Signs of dehydration include dark urine, skin tenting, lack of energy, and red mucous membranes.

Be sure to contact the state veterinarian in the destination state for further information. If your horse requires vaccines, you should also plan for a few weeks of quarantine before shipping. For example, if you are traveling to Louisiana, you will need to provide a negative equine piroplasmosis test.

Before you choose a carrier, you should also be sure to read the contract. Many companies have special rules, so make sure that you are aware of them. Additionally, you might need to discuss the specific feeding needs of your horse.

Depending on your travel plans, you might have to stop and rest along the way. Some carriers will supply hay nets and bedding. They will also offer a water bucket every now and then.

If you are planning on shipping a horse to Canada, you will need a special health certificate. This document must be issued by a licensed veterinarian at least six months before the transport. The certificate should list the state of origin and final destination. There are special rules for miniature horses that qualify as service animals.

Several states, including New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, require brand inspections. You can find a list of these states on the USDA webpage.

You should also research different companies and make sure that they have a valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) to prevent any potential problems. Some states do not have agriculture inspection stations, so you will need to be careful.



How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Horse?

Shipping a horse requires great attention and professionalism. The charges vary for everyone because every client has different concerns.

Multiple factors influence the cost, such as the total distance, the mode of shipment, and your horse’s specific needs, if any. Contact California Transporters to know the accurate price for your horse shipment.

Can Horses be Transported by Ship?

Yes, horses can be transported by ship, especially if the destination is overseas. It is the best option to avail.

California Transporters guarantee a safe and secure journey for your horses by ship. Our horsemen are always with them to make sure the animals are comfortable.

The horses wear horse shipping boots that aid them in maintaining balance on the ship and prevent any injury. Want to transport your horse safely but confused? Then stop worrying and leave everything to us.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport, a Horse from America?

The desired destination and mode of transport determine the cost of horse shipments. One way flight can be expensive.

On the flip side, opting for a reliable equine transport company proves to be very economical. And what else do you need when you have the most trusted company for California shipping horses to Florida?

With experienced equestrians to horse shipping boots facilities, we have got you covered. So ring us, and we will deliver your horse at pocket-friendly rates.

How Much Do Horse Transporters Make?

Horse hauling is an excellent way to transform your love for horses into a lucrative profession. In addition, horse transporters generate good revenue once their business has gained more awareness.

The estimated average salary of horse transporters is around $62,000 per annum. California Transporters dominates the equine transport market, and the credit goes to our passionate employees and equestrians.

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