How to Select a Suitable Acrylic Sheet for Badges with Pin?

Acrylic sheets are widely used in the world for making pins. People prefer making acrylic badges with a pin using acrylic sheets for many reasons. In addition to this, they are light in weight, transparent, and durable. Acrylic sheets are specially designed to replicate the brilliance and clarity of glass. It is made from poly methyl methacrylate, which gives extra strength. Acrylic is highly weather-resistant, so when making an acrylic pin with this material, you don’t need to worry about the longevity of your badge. 

Acrylic sheets are transparent, so you can use them to make single-side image pins and double-side image badges. Both types of badges look elegant, and the image quality is perfect. Therefore, almost every badge maker prefers to choose acrylic sheets to make durable and lightweight acrylic badges with pins for daily use. Acrylic is one of those kinds of plastic that is transparent and opaque. It has an exceptional level of strength and rigidity. However, acrylic sheets are easy to deal with since they can thermoform with little effort and make strong connections when combined with adhesives and solvents. 

Choosing the most suitable acrylic sheet for making acrylic badges with pins is the best idea, especially when you want to customize and put different designs on it. Moreover, it is lightweight but strong enough, so it doesn’t easily break. You need to put pressure or hit hard to do this. It is durable, so don’t think your money will be wasted because your acrylic badges will go very long with you. Making an acrylic pin is easy. You will get plenty of tutorials about it, but how to choose the perfect acrylic sheet for custom badges is very crucial, and most people don’t know about this topic.

Consider the Sheet Quality:

When buying an acrylic sheet for making acrylic badges with pins, it is essential to observe whether there is serious fading on the sheet or the glossiness is not high enough to be transparent. If yes, this means that the quality of the acrylic sheet is not good enough for making an acrylic pin. Another relatively simple observation method is to compare the instruction manual of acrylic sheets. In addition, see if it is consistent with the actual situation of the acrylic sheet. If it is inconsistent, it can roughly choose whether the acrylic sheet is irregular. 

Ideal Specification of Acrylic Sheet:

Acrylic sheets for acrylic badges are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.7mm to 5mm. However, 2mm to 3mm is the perfect thickness size for making acrylic badges with a pin. Of course, you need a long-lasting badge that you can take for a long time. A lower than 3mm sheet is thin and can easily break. Therefore, most acrylic pin makers use 3mm, which is the perfect thickness size for acrylic badges. Moreover, there are available in different sizes. 

You can choose the size of the sheet according to your needs. You need to buy a bigger sheet to make plenty of custom acrylic badges for marketing purposes. Instead, if you want to make a single acrylic pin for your daughter’s birthday or for giving a present to someone, then consider a small size acrylic sheet. 

Clear Transparent Acrylic Sheet is Ideal for Acrylic Pins: 

Acrylic sheets come in a variety of different forms. Each acrylic sheet has its distinctive benefits. It is one of the toughest materials that come in various models specially designed to meet your specific needs. If you have a specialized project in mind and want the most suitable acrylic sheet to make a perfect acrylic pin, you need to know the variety of acrylic sheets that help you bring that design to life. Transparent clear acrylic is the most common type of acrylic sheet. 

It is also a widely used sheet in making acrylic badges with pins. It is ideal for making custom acrylic badges perfect for your brand marketing or any other type of promotion. Since it is transparent, you can use it in various badge designs. However, the flexibility of clear acrylic sheets is evidenced mainly by the staggering variety of dimensions they can be provided in. The thickness range of a clear acrylic sheet is from 2mm to 3mm. No matter the particulars of your badge design, it is all but certain that there is a size of clear acrylic sheet available to meet those needs. 

Acrylic sheets are UV resistant and give protection from different weather conditions. A transparent and clear acrylic sheet is ideal when you have unusual dimensions to fulfill and would like to use an opaque material to make good-quality acrylic badges with a pin. The transitory nature of the remarkable acrylic sheet makes it perfect for making acrylic badges because they are mostly used on the outside.

The Surface of the Perfect Acrylic Sheet is Smooth:

Of course, when choosing an acrylic sheet for acrylic badges, you need to consider the pores, thickness, etc. The surface is smooth, with a sense of clothing to the touch. Carefully look for any small pores on the sheet’s surface. If you feel lime on the surface, look carefully to see if there are small pores. This type of acrylic sheet contains more calcium and has poor toughness. Therefore, it is better that you don’t use them because they are not perfect for making acrylic badges with pins.

Special Tips for the Protection of Acrylic Sheets:

The acrylic sheets shall not store in the same place with other organic solvents, let alone in contact with organic solvents. Remember, never scratch the protective film or paper of the acrylic sheet during transportation. Furthermore, don’t use acrylic sheets in an environment with a temperature over 85℃. To clean the acrylic sheet, use 1% soapy water. Dip a soft cotton cloth in soapy water and gently clean the sheet. Don’t forget that you never use a hard or dry wipe. Otherwise, the surface of the acrylic sheet will be easily scratched.


Making an acrylic pin from an acrylic sheet has recently been very popular. Many people like to make custom acrylic badges with pins for giving a present to their family or friends. In addition, most brands and organizations use acrylic pins to promote their brand or services. So they need a suitable acrylic sheet that makes perfect acrylic badges. Don’t ignore the fact that you need perfect acrylic sheets to make good custom acrylic pins.