How to Repair and Recover Corrupt DBF Files

Learn about DBASE, how the powerful debugger in Windows relational databases works and reasons to repair damaged DBF files using DataNumen DBF repair.


DBASE is a popular database management system for microcomputers that is compatible with Windows platforms. It is famous for its debugging power and ability to manipulate relational databases. Files created using DBASE have .dbf files extension.


DBF files can get corrupted because of various reasons such as an attack by malware, abrupt shutdown of a computer when the files are in use, or software compatibility issues. When this happens, you can lose your data, especially if you do not have backup files. In such situations, you need a solution such as DataNumen DBF Repair tool that can help you recover most of your DBF data and avert a data loss disaster. The following are the outstanding qualities of this DBF repair and recovery software.


Salient features of DataNumen DBF Repair

1.      Customization of output files

When recovering corrupt DBF files, the DataNumen DBF Repair tool allows you to customize your output options. For instance, you can opt to recover records that were deleted from the source file. This feature allows you to use DataNumen DBF Repair application for computer forensics, as it can help unearth data that is deleted to conceal illegal activities.


You can also use the options menu to determine how many records will be contained in your database tables. These features allow you to customize the resultant files to a format that best suits your needs. This reduces the need to format the final file.


2.      Seamless integration with Windows systems

This application is designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows systems. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems and Windows Explorer. Consequently, users of Windows systems can interact with the DBF repair and recovery software intuitively, with no need for a learning curve. Besides, novices can use it with the same efficiency as experts as long as they are conversant with Windows systems. This way companies do not need to hire top-notch IT experts to recover their DBF files.


Other functions of DataNumen DBF Repair that help you improve your productivity include drag & drop operation, right-click short menu, files search capability, and batch file processing. These functions allow you to complete large projects with ease.


3.      Supports splitting of oversize DBF databases

Sometimes DBF files can be oversized and increase the risk of getting corrupted. In such situations, you can opt to split such files for easy management. To do this, you will need the DataNumen DBF Repair tool. As you repair your DBF files, specify the size of the output data to split your oversized files.


4.      Recovery of DBF files from corrupt storage media

If you store your DBF files in a mountable media such as hard disk, CD-ROM, and USB drives, your data is not fully protected from getting damaged. This is because these data storage devices can get damaged and become inoperable.  Luckily, the DataNumen DBF Repair application allows you to recover your DBF files from such devices and avoid the loss of crucial data, especially if you do not have backup copies.

Download DataNumen DBF Repair today and discover more about its features and functions.