How To Remove Moulds From Carpets

Mold is also known as the type of fungus. There are multiple types of moulds which can be commonly found in your house on the carpet. The long-term exposure of your carpets to the moulds can cause some of the severe effects on your health. Mould exposure can easily aggravate diseases such as asthma, allergies, and various breathing problems. The ideal place for the growth of the mould is carpet and moulds. This is because the carpets have the ability to retain the moisture on the surface. The Carpet Mould Removal method used by the professional can protect your house from various health concerns. Let’s see the steps to remove mould and prevent them to grow.

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Steps To Remove Mold from Carpets

The process of carpet mould removal is not as easy as it seems to be. There are various methods which you can use for removing the moulds from your carpets. Below are the steps which you can use for removing the moulds from the carpets.

Step 1

You should always begin the Carpet Cleaning Services process for dampening the affected area of the carpet. The dampening will help to make it difficult for the spores of mildew for travelling to other places during the process of mould removal.

Step 2

You then need to lift the carpet and then examine the flooring as well as padding under the carpet. In case you found your carpet padding to be moldy, you need to discard and replace the old padding. You can use a scrubbing brush which is stiff, by applying the water as well as soap mixture on the area of mould.

Step 3

In the next step you need to use the mixture of 1 part of the household bleach and 10 parts of the water. This mixture can help you to disinfect the area affected by the mould. Once your disinfection process is completed you need to thoroughly rinse the affected area with the hot water.

Step 4

You need to absorb the possible amount of water with the help of the paper towels and allow the area to be dried completely. Your carpet may take two to three days to get completely dry.

Tips To Prevent Mold Growth

  • You should not set the potted plants on the surface of your carpet and not even with the water tray. You should only use the glazed pots with the help of moisture barrier.
  • You should not pile firewood on your carpet never ever. You should have a moisture barrier to remain between the carpets and wood.
  • You should always invest in the best quality of humidifiers for keeping the moisture in the constant minimum if you have a humid house or areas. This will to protect the hardwood artwork and flooring of your house with carpeting.

Why Hire Good Job Carpet Cleaning Professional?

We at Good Job Carpet Cleaning know that Carpet Mould Removal is important for you to maintain a hygienic environment for your health. You can hire professional employees from our company as they are trained well to provide reliable Carpet Cleaning Perth Services. Hence, the mould removal services by our experts will help your carpets look like a new one. 

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