How to Recover Multiple Corrupted Access Databases in Batch

For organizations that run MS Access, an incident of Access corruption involving multiple Access files can be a potent disaster. However, it is still possible to recover contents from multiple compromised Access files with the help of the powerful DataNumen Access Repair utility.


The MS Access application is often used by many firms and individuals to serve as the backend for their business applications. For example many small manufacturing firms, factories, and in some cases even mid-sized firms engaged in production use attendance systems that run on an Access backend. Access database is still commonly used by many firms for their payroll processing and inventory management needs. Now any company which uses Access regularly in their line of business applications ends up creating several Access files. While Access still remains a potent database platform for small businesses, it is quite vulnerable to incidents of database corruption. Any incident that compromises several Access files at once can cause severe data loss for any organization.


Is Corruption of MS Access Files Commonly Noticed?

The short answer is yes. However, the cause for Access corruption can be many and not all are due to the fault of the database application. In some cases database design issues, especially in a multiuser system can play a big part in creating unstable databases containing a large amount of data. Data transfer issues can also cause corruption in Access files that are being accessed over a network. Access databases are also vulnerable to virus attacks or hardware faults and in such cases multiple Access files can be at risk.


The DataNumen Access Repair tool is the Best Bet for Recovering Multiple Corrupted Access Files All at Once

If you have somehow landed in a situation where multiple Access files have become corrupted, it is simply not advisable to try normal measures. The Compact and Repair option present in Access is known to be unreliable even under normal circumstances and it has a rare chance of completely recovering multiple corrupted Access files. The best thing you can do is to get hold of the sophisticated DataNumen Access Repair application to recover your data in one go. The application comes with a Batch Repair mode which allows you to quickly recover multiple corrupted Access files in one shot. The application is exceptionally good at recovering all elements contained in corrupted Access files including Indexes and even inadvertently deleted tables and records. The application boasts of a stellar recovery rate of over ninety-three percent which is way better than its peers. It also scores high on its ability to handle different media types including removable media and virtual drives too.



Final Thoughts


For all those who rely on Access to run their line of business applications or manage critical data, the DataNumen Access Repair application is a must-have. Imagine a situation where several of your employees are regularly storing data on an Access database and suddenly it crashes or a virus attack messes up several Access files. In such challenging times, this versatile application can swing by and recover any corrupted Access files in quick time, keeping your Access database within reach even after an incident of data corruption. If you are using multiple systems or data repositories for MS Access, it might make sense for you to consider a volume license which can be brought at a significant discount.