How to Pull Text from PDF File Without Affecting its Originality?

The Adobe PDF is the standard portable document format for storing and exchanging records. However, Adobe Reader is a free program, but it doesn’t allow you to edit PDF documents. If you want to edit, you first need to pull the text from the PDF and paste it into a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.

So, in this blog, we will guide you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to pull text from PDF documents without affecting its originality.

Quick Solution to Extract Text from PDF File

A PDF Text Extraction tool is advanced software that allows users to extract text from multiple PDF documents at once. After exporting the PDF file text the data will be saved in the TXT file format. Moreover, the utility also supports user-level password-protected PDF documents. However, a valid password must be known to a user.

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The software provides a wide range of options to extract elements from PDF files. Depending on your requirement, you can choose any filter option of your choice.

Maintain Formatting: By using this option, you will have the same formatting as the original file.

Maintain Page Number: You can choose to keep the page number at “Top” or “Bottom” while extracting text from the PDF files.

Apply Page Setting: The tool also gives the option to extract text from the desired pages of the PDF file. It includes All Pages, Even Pages, Odd Pages, Page Ranges & Page Numbers

Apart from this, the software comes with multiple innovative features that we will cover in the next section.

Prominent Features of the Software

• Provides the option to extract embedded attachments from multiple PDF files
• Capable to extract inline images from PDF files in batch
• Maintain page number on Top or Bottom page of extracted text files
• Give an option to Create Individual PDF or Create Single PDF document
• Provide an option to extract items in a single folder or individual folder
• Maintain file formatting of extracted PDF file text
• Efficiently extract items from known password-protected / restricted PDF

How to Pull Text from PDF Document?

Follow the instructions carefully to know how to get text from PDF file:

1. Launch the automated software.

2. Click on the “Add Files” and “Add Folder” to add PDF files into the software

3. Click on the “Change” button to choose the destination location for extracted PDF Items.

4. Hit the “Next” button to proceed further.

5. Select the Item type as “Text”

6. After selecting the desired page option click on the “Extract” button.

7. Finally, the “PDF Files are extracted successfully” pop-up message will be displayed on the screen.

Final Verdict

In many situations, users get the requirement to extract text from PDF files. By reading this blog we will learn how to pull text from PDF documents. We have suggested the best software that can execute this task effectively. It is one of the best trouble-free solutions having really interactive graphical user interface. By using this software anyone can efficiently export text from multiple Adobe PDF files at once.