How to Play Xbox One Games on PC [Windows Method]

Is it possible to play Xbox games on a PC?

Here’s some good news: you can now play Xbox One games on your own computer. Microsoft’s Xbox One titles are fully compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. If you live in a household where the Xbox console is shared, this is fantastic news because it eliminates the need for fierce competition over game time.

There are two methods available for bringing Xbox One games to a computer. The first is via making use of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere service. The second demands a persistent internet connection so that Windows 10 may broadcast the game. Each approach is detailed below.

Reasons to use reWASD to remap controls between keyboard, mouse, and joystick

Whether you choose to use an Xbox, Nintendo, or DualShock controller on your computer, you’re probably aware of the plethora of available applications that add joystick functionality, alter the default layout, and fine-tune the hardware (Xbox Accessories app, Joy2key, Xpadder, AntiMicro, etc.). Sadly, attempting to achieve all those keyboard benefits with a controller and a single app renders most of them unusable. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single joystick mapper that included all the different remapping options now available? Indeed, we have one! All the remapping solutions are available here.

reWASD is a joystick remapping tool that is compatible with all keyboards, mice, and controllers, including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Elite, and Xbox Elite 2. Here are six arguments showing that reWASD is the best app available for personalizing your electronic gadgets. ReWASD activated is available for download.

Xbox Play Anywhere: What Is It?

Simply said, Xbox Play Anywhere enables you to access and play the Windows version of select Xbox One games from your digital library.

Games that support Xbox Play Anywhere can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free, effectively giving you two copies of the game.

Your game saves, Achievements, and Gamerscore may all be synchronized between your PC and Xbox One.

Learn how to use Xbox Play Anywhere to access your Xbox One games on your own computer

  1. Visit the Xbox Play Anywhere website and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. To play a game, all you have to do is visit this website, look through the games listed there, and then click on the one you wish to play. Remember that you’ll have to buy the game if you don’t already own it.
  3. Click Install To if you already possess the game
  4. To install the game using the Xbox app, go to the PC tab in the pop-up, then click Launch for Windows.
  5. Five, your web browser will tell you to launch the Xbox app so that the game may continue downloading. Click Open Xbox.
  6. The Xbox app will launch with the game’s listing on the Microsoft Store. Choose the game by clicking My Library on the menu bar left.
  7. Seven, choose the setup button.
  8. Click “Install” after selecting a download folder.
  9. Once the game has finished downloading, select Play to begin playing.

Learn the ropes of streaming your Xbox One games to your Windows computer

Streaming is your only choice if the game you want to play from afar isn’t on the Xbox Play Anywhere list.

Your computer and Xbox One will need to be connected to the same network for this to work. Keep in mind that if either of your devices loses internet connectivity, the stream will stop as well.

Verify that both your Xbox One and Windows 10 PC have the most recent patches installed. It is recommended to apply any available updates.

  1. First, click the Xbox button on the controller to bring up the Xbox One’s main menu.
  2. Choose the Profile & System menu, then choose the Settings option.
  3. Third, choose Remote features from the Devices and Connections menu.
  4. Xbox One “Device & connections” settings, with “Remote features” choices selected and highlighted on the right panel.
  5. The “Devices & connections” menu should be where you go to access the “Remote features” option. Ionescu Stefan
  6. Four, go to the Xbox app’s settings.
  7. Settings for Xbox One’s “Remote Features,” with “Xbox app preferences” highlighted.
  8. When playing games on a personal computer, you’ll use the Xbox app. Ionescu Stefan
  9. Accept connections from any device or Just from profiles signed in on this Xbox can be found in the Xbox app’s fifth menu. Choose to Stream games to other devices under This Xbox.
  10. Enable connections from any device, Just from accounts logged in on this Xbox, and Allow game streaming to other devices are all underlined in the Xbox app preferences on Xbox One.
  11. It’s imperative that you get the Xbox app and your own Xbox set up. Professor Stefan Ionescu
  12. Connect your Xbox One controller to your personal computer, step six, through Bluetooth or a USB cable.
  13. Choose the Start menu on your PC, then enter “Xbox Console Companion” into the search field. Choose Open when it comes up.
  14. Launch Xbox Console Companion on your computer. Choose the Xbox-looking icon in the sidebar on the left. There’s a “Connection” label that appears when you mouse over it.
  15. With the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows 10, the “Connection” icon is on the left sidebar.
  16. Choose the Xbox system you want to link up with.
  17. Ten. To start playing, select Stream.

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