How to pass the Microsoft Azure certification

The “AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals” certification is available to everyone, even beginners who know very little about Azure. For people who have a technical job that involves, for example, connecting with developers, but who haven’t had time to invest in learning Azure until now.

Microsoft Learn is a free platform on which you can learn everything about Microsoft technologies, regardless of your profession: developer, computer scientist, engineer, consultant, etc. To date, there are more than 500 modules and new courses are added every week. Modules last from a few minutes to an hour and it is possible to engage in a learning path (a set of bundled modules) in order to master a specific technology.

Among them, there is a learning path called Azure fundamentals: a 9-hour 35-minute path comprising 12 different modules. That’s a lot of time to invest, but it provides a solid foundation for understanding the full range of possibilities offered by the Azure platform. And there are quite a few…! So why not give it a chance?

It takes about two days to complete all modules. Bonus? Obtaining XP, badges and trophies! And it is also possible to share your public profile! This can be very useful to show your skills to a recruiter (here’s an example:

To gain this certification easily it’s recommended to practice using AZ-900 dumps.

The modules are very simple and each subsection is very short. The content is mostly video, but there is also text and graphics. Sometimes modules even require training on the Azure platform. And here’s the real benefit of Microsoft Learn: When a task needs to be completed on the Azure portal, Microsoft Learn provides a free play space for 4 hours so you don’t have to sign up for Azure or add a credit card.

At the end of each module, a “knowledge check” is carried out. It is a set of 4 to 6 questions to verify the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to validate the module. Do not worry in case of failure to some of the questions because 1/ it is possible to try again and 2/ it only affects the number of XP obtained.

After completing the learning path, it is possible to register for the certification exam, ideally to do so a few days later to be sure that everything is still fresh in your memory. Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification does not necessarily require technical skills. This is almost exclusively some general knowledge about cloud concepts and a bit of Azure. To validate the exam, you need a score of at least 700/1000. Not all questions give the same number of points, so it is not possible to know how many points are accumulated before the end.

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