How To Network With Editors of Magazines

Creating meaningful relationships with editors of magazines and newspapers can be vital to the success of your company and client. If you’re looking to get attention, the press is still considered an important way to get it. From prominent publications such as Forbes to small-time solo blogs, any publicity is good publicity.

Create Meaningful Pitches

Developing a pitch for an article must consider the targeted publication and editor. You must understand the type of content they post, their needs, and, importantly, their values. Content comes in various formats to editors, including press release distribution, social media, and word of mouth. Generally speaking, press releases pre-written articles. Your press release should be so powerfully written that no editor could feel it’s better to manipulate or change the tone and message of your press releases. For example, if you’re writing about a big change in your company (that’s positive), you must make it clear in your release. Otherwise, you’re leaving your doors open for scrutiny from the publications that will have the power to publish a piece you. On the other hand, if you didn’t know negative pieces get more reads, thus you must do whatever you can to steer away from controversy and help create a piece of content that the editor likes and feels fits within the core of their publication.

Be kind & Specific

This may seem straightforward but introducing yourself with a short but creative introduction that praises the editor’s work is an excellent way to start the relationship on good terms. Don’t criticise or belittle their previous work or make your company seem better than it is without any shred of evidence. You must be grounded and approach an editor as you give them a potion to solve their needs. Everything you do should make them feel satisfied with what you have provided them. Even if they reject your piece, saying thank you is a must. Always be kind — it goes a long way and can develop a strong relationship.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team