How to Make Online Learning Effective For Employees?

In fact, there is not much difference between offline and online learning. There are peculiarities in the work of a trainer, the format of products and content, as well as several important points:

  1. Duration

It is important to understand that on average, each course or block can last no more than 1.5-2 hours. This is the optimal time to concentrate. If you have a long course (more than 2 hours), you can break it down into small pieces. For example, in SPLAT we divided large programs (8-10 hours) into small parts, the feedback from the participants was only positive, everyone liked the format.

  1. Ability to learn at a convenient time & with the right platform

To do this, your platform must work 24/7. There should be a well-designed portal where everyone can get their desired courses. Like if you have salesforce training in Hyderabad, only employees from that part of the country should be displayed in that course. So, a good user experience and the right courses for the right user should be provided. It will help both the training provider and the receiver and ensure a healthy learning experience.

  1. Alternating recorded courses with a real trainer

Who can answer the participants’ questions? At this point, I want to draw special attention. It’s important the participants also get live online learning experiences side by side. Because it will help groom their skills in many situations. Online learning requires qualities from people such as:

  • Perseverance
  • Concentration of attention
  • Understanding the link between training and job objectives (KPI)
  • Knowing the answer to the question “why am I listening/watching all this.”

Therefore, it is very important to alternate the recorded course with live online learning. This makes it possible to increase the involvement of employees, improves the perception of information. 

  1. As an additional option, “homework” can be given after each course

It can be a test, an essay, or a video clip – something that fits in the format and makes it possible not only to listen to the course but also to become a participant in the process.

Summing up, I give a list of all the points that I consider it necessary to adhere to when teaching online:

  • Introduce an online learning culture in the company.
  • Draw up a training plan.
  • Develop training plans for employees.
  • Bind KPI to the Performance management system.
  • Develop an LMS or choose a platform for online courses.
  • Make quality content.
  • Give a small assignment after each course.
  • Not only provide course records but also conduct live online/offline training.
  • Use the capabilities of Virtual Reality.
  • Use gamification for better material perception and staff engagement.
  • Create an electronic corporate library

Final Words

If you want to make sure that online learning is as effective as possible. Then all you need to do is make it an interesting experience for the employees so they don’t get bored at all. It would also make the learning experience memorable and easy for them.