How to Make Flowcharts in Minutes With EdrawMax


Making flowcharts need time, focus, and skill, but the right software can do the job in minutes. If you aren’t a designer or need more time to create a flowchart, you can use EdrawMax ready-made templates. They are free, editable, and designed by highly-qualified professionals. The best part is that you can edit these flowcharts. You can customize shapes, text, colors, lines, and pretty much everything to design a unique one. All you need is the EdrawMax program and the basic skill to drag and drop the necessary tools.

Although it’s extremely easy to use templates on EdrawMax, you still need to familiarize yourself with the program’s interface. So, let’s start with how EdrawMax saves your time. Next, you will see a step-by-step guide on how to make flowcharts in EdrawMax. Finally, we have unique EdrawMax features making flowchart creation easier and more fun. Without any further ado, let’s start.

How Does EdrawMax Reduce Production Time?

Hundreds of flowchart diagram makers are in the market, each claiming to reduce the user workload. EdrawMax is one of those few flowchart makers with advanced tools and pre-made symbols. Before understanding how it reduces production time, it is better to perceive what causes its increase. Here are a few factors that affect the overall effort and time of a user:

  • Symbol creation
  • Manual shape links
  • Absence of drag and drop feature
  • Renovation of connection

EdrawMax deals with every one of them to design charts faster.

Starting from the symbols, this program has plenty of these in the store. It has a massive collection of 50000+ symbols that is increasing with time. So, you are sure to find the needed symbol already designed – saving time to create it. As for general movement, EdrawMax offers a drag-and-drop feature that removes the need to create and remove shapes at specific places manually.

Besides all its features’ specific purposes, a particular sector contributes excessively to reducing production time. It is called the template community! This social platform includes hundreds of templates, all editable and customizable. Therefore, it allows you to have an ideal chart without spending hours creating it.

How To Make Flowcharts On EdrawMax?

Knowing tools isn’t enough to create flowcharts; learning using them is crucial. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a flowchart in EdrawMax.

  1. Start by downloading the program from the official website of EdrawMax. It is not rocket science to find the official web page. Head over to your browser and write the term “EdrawMax.” Find the first page and download your program.
  • Once downloaded, follow the guidelines and install the software. Next, create an account and log in. Now you will see a menu page.
  • You already know that the flowchart you want to create must be completed in minimum time. So, it’s best you do not choose the basic layout option from the menu dialogue. Instead, find the row named Templates. Click it and type the term “flowchart” in the search box. Next, hit enter and find ready-made editable flowcharts. You will see thousands of editable flowcharts. Now, choose the best design. Finally, select it and click Use Immediately to get to the next step.
  • Now you will see the chosen template on the edit screen. All components are fully editable, so you can make them unique by customizing them per your needs. You have thousands of useful tools in your hand and an option to create a custom symbol for your personal library. In simple words, you have everything needed for a chart creation process.
  • Once you are done with the chart, click Save As in the file menu to export your design. EdrawMax provides more than 14+ export options so you can share and open your file in other editing software.

There you go! You have your new flowchart ready to present. Note that this method is best if you are in a hurry. If you have time and wish to create your unique flowchart, click Blank Drawing to get an edit screen. Now, you can start creating your own flowchart.

Other Features Of EdrawMax For Flowcharts

Other than the template community and customization options, EdrawMax offers several additional features to help in flowcharts. Here are some of them:

Automated Linking

While creating flowcharts, it becomes annoying when you have to link every single shape with manual lines. It’s time-consuming and boring. But EdrawMax has solved the problem by introducing automated linking. In this feature, the program connects the shape automatically when you drag it on or near the other component.

Single Click Component Addition

Dragging and dropping the shapes repeatedly may seem tiring when creating a complex flowchart. For that reason, EdrawMax uses a single-click feature to add shapes on the components’ top, bottom, right, or left sides. To do so, you only need to click the Blue arrow on either side. Once you click that, a new shape will appear on the respective side without any drag-and-drop motion.

Multiple Component Editing

Designers always try to reduce their work effort by grouping individual tasks. The same is the case with flowchart production. Doing the same thing over and over can annoy users a lot. You can use EdrawMax to solve this problem. With the help of its group feature, you can collectively control attributes of multiple shapes. Thus, you won’t have to drag every shape and change their shape one by one.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about EdrawMax is its massive symbol library and the option to create custom symbols for personal use. It helps speed up the flowchart creation process. But if you are really close to your deadline, it’s best to go for ready-made templates. They are editable, so you can edit them according to your requirements.

Last but not least, EdrawMax serves as a universal program. Unlike others, it allows you to take your file to any other editing tool. Therefore, it provides more than 14 format options to export your file. Now, sharing your flowcharts within and outside the organization is easiest than ever.


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