How to Make First Great Impression of Your House?

It’s very famous saying that “First Impression is the last impression” which means that when we meet someone for first time what comes in our mind is the ultimate impression. When we talk about our house design the same goes with it everyone who is visiting it first time will either have a good or bad impression. So you have to focus on the design and even of the house. Ideal thing to consider is to prefer comfort over style but it’s also necessary to have some style as we live in a society where the outer look is everything but focus on your convenience. You can hire an expert from Retail Fit Out Companies Dubai or Interior Design Consultancy Dubai to have a better image of your house. Here are some of the tips to take into account.

Focus on Entrance:

Entrance is the most important part of your house because everyone visiting your home will be focusing on this and you must focus on this while designing. Use proper furnishing that is cosy, rugs of different design and texture, decorating pieces, lights and other items like wall mirrors. Focus on the ceilings its colour and roof decorations because they will have a great impression. But focus on one thing that there must be proper space that is left empty to have a comfortable walk and do not put extra items there to make it messy. Create an amazing welcome environment by putting some fresh flowers their fragrance will have a great impact on the guests.

Choose colours wisely:

There must be proper planning about what kind of colours you are going to choose because no doubt the colours of your house will have a long- lasting impression on others minds. You can use bright colours if you love them like Indigo, blue, yellowish and red but you can choose light colours as well like grey, white, navy blue. You can also use another approach by mixing both

colours as in you can paint the walls with light and choose the decor with bright colours and vice versa. Both can have a great impression if chosen wisely and used properly.

add some greenery:

Who doesn’t like to have plants in the house, these days plants have become the most important element of interior design because they help in creating a sustainable environment? Try to use greenery in many ways for example you can create a lawn where you can grow some grass, have some kind of favourite flowering plants, decorate them in baskets. Put flowers in vases on

different tables to look good and refreshing, but some plants alongside the living room’s window, in the kitchen or the welcome area to create a green look. You can grow and put plants in any area of the house they will have a great impact on your mood.

Pay attention to kitchen and washrooms:

Paying attention to the kitchen and washroom will have a great impression while designing and decorating the house. These both are the most used places of the house so these must be well maintained and comfortable with a touch of stylish appliances. The kitchen must have different colours, texture tiles, upgraded appliances, a comfortable chair and table, an island for storage and vanity as exhaust. Likewise, the washroom must have proper colour, lights, appliances, accessories and design to capture the heart of everyone that is using it. Use trending washroom items like bathtubs, appealing ceilings, light sensors, sanitisers.

Luxury items:

Another great way to have a great impression of your house is to have luxury items. People often buy stylish items to look fashionable but do not notice the fact that comfort is preferred over style. Always try to have comfortable furnishings like tables, chairs, sofas and beds that are easy to sit on. Use rugs to create an amazing appearance with different designs and colours. Use some artwork that is ancient and traditional, decorate your basement as an extra space for

gatherings, use some trending wallpapers with different designs and colours. These all will have a long lasting impact on your house whoever is visiting it.

Build a bookshelf if you do not have space for setting a library it will also be very impressive for the readers and you can also spend some time here for refreshment.

Proper lights:

Lightings can add to the beauty of any place within a limited time so try to use appealing light colours that are mostly bright. Use different lights in different areas of the house also use night lights to have comfortable sleep after a hard routine.


These are some of the basic ideas to generate a unique and stunning home within no time even if you don’t have a proper budget you can manage everything easily by excluding extra items that are accessories. Take help from the Interior design Dubai Companies to design everything better.


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