How to Install Cinema HD on KodiMedia Player 2022

Kodi is a media player that was developed by the non-profit XMBC foundation. Kodi
supports Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and FreeBSD
operating systems. You can watch live TV, movies, and download apps and games
from the appropriate repositories. This article will show you how to download cinema
HD on a Kodi media player.
Kodi does not work as an android emulator. You cannot also install the apk file
directly on your Kodi. There is an alternative method. You can use some Kodi
reports. You can find reports in the (.zip) format and use them to parse for apk
To install the cinema apk onto Kodi you will need the Aptoide application installed on
your Kodi. You don’t have to do this if you’re using Kodi for mac or windows. An
android emulator can be used to install cinema HD on Windows. You can also install
Cinema HD APK on your mac using nox.
You might also find the same process useful on iOS devices. This method can be
used even if you don’t own an android tv stick or smart tv.
How to Install Cinema HD APK in Kodi Media Player
You can follow the below steps if you already have xmbc Kodi Player installed on
your device. If not, please first install Kodi on your device.
[Phase 1] Install Aptoide App On Kodi
Launch Kodi player on your device now.
● Go to Settings (gear icon), which can be found at the top of the
● Next, go to File Manager (first icon).
● Tap the “Add Source” button (last option).
● When you see the Kodi window pop up, tap the “None”.
● Enter in the URL path of the kodi window and
hit OK.

● You can now choose any name to be this media source. It is a kodi
repository where you can also find a variety of apps.
● Click “OK” to return to the home screen.
● Tap “Add-ons”, then click the Repo button. It is located at the top left
corner of the kodi screen. You will also see the option beside the file
● Click on the “Install from zip4” (4th option).
● Kodi will now pop up and ask you to select “gentecwiz”, from the list.
● Next, click on “New repo to Gentec Wizard” (3rd choice).
● Then, click on “” (2nd option).
● You will now see the GenTec repository update notification on the kodi.
● After you have seen that option, click on “Install from repository”.
● Next, navigate to “GenTec Repository”, and then go to “Video Addons”.
● You will find “aptoide to kodi” there. When it appears, click on it to
activate it.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the Aptoide app to your Kodi player. Your
Kodi player will now be able to play Cinema HD.
[Phase 2] Install Cinema HD in Kodi using Aptoide Repo
● Return to the home screen for the kodi-player.
● Click on “Add-ons”, then “Video add-ons”.
● Click on the aptoide icon in the right-hand side window to open it.
● Kodi will ask you to create the download location for any apps you
have downloaded from the aptoide shop.
● Click “OK” to choose the location for downloading files to any folder on
your phone.
● After choosing the download path, you’ll see options like Most Popular,
Games and Applications, Search and Search.

● Navigate to the Entertainment section by going to the Applications
● You will find a list listing all the apps that are available at the aptoide
● Scroll down to see Cinema HD Kodi.
● Choose the app you want to install on your Kodi media player.
That’s it! You have successfully installed cinema HD on your kodi device. You can
always try other options if you’re not happy with the cinema on kodi matrix and Leila.
You can add the best kodi extensions to watch all the latest movies or tv shows.
Final Review
The cinema HD app can be installed on kodi, even though it is not available
separately. We’ve provided all the necessary steps to help you install the cinema HD
app on the kodi platform. You can give it a shot and then leave a comment below.

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