How to improve catch animations in NBA 2K23?

Catch animations are a significant part of NBA 2K23; improving them can make your game much smoother and more enjoyable. Here are some tips to improve your catch animations when playing catch, whether you’re a passer or a receiver.

NBA 2K23 Improve Catch Animations

NBA 2K23 Catch Animations: Common Misconceptions

Before we dive into what affects your catch animations, let’s first debunk some common misconceptions:

  • Vice grip badge: Some players believe the vice grip 2K23 badge is all about having glue-like hands that help secure the ball during a catch. However, this is only partially true. The vice grip badge is all about avoiding steals and gaining possession of the ball after a catch rather than affecting the quality of the catch animation.
  • Shooting-related badges: Badges like dimer and post playmaker won’t give you better catch animations, as they only pertain to shooting and not the actual catch animations.

What factors affect what captures animation in NBA 2K23?

  • Pass Accuracy: The more accurate the pass, the better the catch animations for the receiver. This is a common belief amongst players and is generally true.
  • Break Starter Badge: If the passer has the Break Starter badge, the receiver will have cleaner catches, and the receiver will be closer to the basket for the most part. More turnovers or passes may lead nowhere near the basket without this badge.
  • Bailout Badge: The higher the bailout badge of the passer, the better chances for the catch animations to be better. Factors like passing distance and the depth of the bailout pass can also affect the catch animation quality.
  • Holding L2 Button: You can do little to improve catch animations as a receiver. However, one trick that may help is holding the L2 button. This gesture signals to the game that you’re ready to catch a pass and can help you receive the ball near the point when the passer initiates the pass. It can also help you set your feet for catch-and-shoot situations.


Improving catch animations in catch involves various factors, including pass accuracy, specific badges like Break Starter and Bailout, and using the L2 button as a receiver. Avoid common misconceptions about badges that don’t affect catch animations, and focus on these tips to improve the quality of your 2K23 gameplay!


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