How to Get the Fantastic Fallout 76 Power Armor?

Welcome to this guide on how to acquire the fantastic power armor in Fallout 76. This guide will cover the locations you need to visit and what you need to do to get your hands on this special armor. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Step 1: Go to the New Coca-Cola Plant
The first place you need to go is the new Coca-Cola plant. When you get there, head to the parking lot and look for the entrance. Once inside, look for a locked door and use a Bobby pin to unlock it.

Step 2: Go to Tanagra Tree
Once you’ve unlocked the door, head to Tanagra Tree. It’s a bit of a climb, so you may want to consider wearing power armor. Once you reach the top, look for a house and a ledge.

Step 3: Find the Key Card
Once you’ve reached the ledge, look for a key card on the floor. It may be hard to spot, so do a double-take to make sure you don’t miss it. Once you’ve found it, pick it up.

Step 4: Get the Nuka-Cola Marketing Access Code
Next, head to the crashed plane and look for a suitcase underneath it. This will give you the Nuka-Cola Marketing Access Code.

Step 5: Go to the Ingram Mansion
Now, head to the Ingram Mansion. Once you get there, you’ll have to fight some cultists before you get to the mansion. Once inside, look for a terminal and enter the code. This will give you a one-time key code.

Step 6: Get to the Overlook Cabin
Head to the Overlook Cabin and make your way to the basement. Here, you’ll need the two key cards you found earlier. Use them to open a wall in the basement and you’ll find a keypad. Enter the key code and it will open up another secret room.

Step 7: Get the TNT Dome Key
Once you’re inside the secret room, you’ll find the TNT Dome Key. Grab the key and you’re almost done.

Step 8: Go to Transmission Station 1803
The final step is to head to Transmission Station 1803. Once you get there, use the TNT Dome Key to open the door and you should find the Fantastic Power Armor.

Step 9: is to locate the plan for the X01 Power Armor.

This can be found at a disposal site near the Ferris wheel and is marked with a marker. Once you have the plan, you will need to locate a Power Armor Frame or Chassis to build your X01. A link to a location where to find one will be provided in the description. After you have acquired the Power Armor Frame or Chassis, you will need to learn the Power Armor plan. This can be done by heading to the Whitespring Bunker and accessing the schematic archives from the terminal. On the terminal, you will be able to learn the Prototype X01 Power Armor plan. Once you have learned the plan, you can begin to craft the Power Armor.

Now that you have crafted your X01 Power Armor, you can also add a skin to it. To do this, you will need to access the terminal in the Whitespring Bunker and learn the schematic archives. This will give you access to the Prototype X01 Power Armor. You can also learn the mods for the X01 Power Armor from the same terminal.

Fallout 76 is an exciting game that offers an array of challenges and opportunities for players to explore. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the ability to craft and customize your own Power Armor with Fallout 76 Caps. While this may seem like an intimidating task, we have created a guide to help you build your own X01 Power Armor and get it ready for battle.


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