How To Get The Best Setup For Cloud Chasing?

Vapes are an intriguing technology because, rather than being popularised by “word of mouth,” they were popularised by a “wave of cloud.” 

Nobody knows where cloud chasing originated. According to some sources, in any case, it has taken on a sort of ambassadorial role for vapers worldwide.

Cloud chasing is a popular way for newcomers to enter the vaping world. People in the vaping community, on the other hand, are divided between those who believe cloud-chasing is a legitimate expression of vaping culture and those who believe it gives vaping, and thus vapers, a bad name.

There are numerous benefits to vaping that smoking does not. There’s the proven reduction in respiratory health issues, a plethora of flavours to enjoy, and, of course, clouds. One can imagine two vapers sitting next to each other, not only vaping but also playing with the smoke like the cloud watchers of old. Cloud chasing appears to be a natural extension of the vaping lifestyle.

But, with so many vape kits to choose from, how do we know which one is the best for clouds?

But first, let’s look at how to make vape clouds

If you are going to modify your vape in order to get the fattest clouds, you should be honest with yourself first and ask whether you would be able to draw in those types of clouds in order to achieve the desired result. The truth is that the majority of people lack the lung capacity to produce those massive competitive hits.

If you want to look like a pro, you must be able to inhale a significant amount of vapour and exhale all of it without coughing. What’s the point of taking a huge hit if you’re just going to cough it all out like a newbie? This is possibly one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome because most vapers want to be able to puff out those big, thick clouds.

What are the factors involved in vape clouds?

Vaporizer mod

To get the best clouds, you’ll need  mech (unregulated) vape mods or, at the very least, something in bypass mode (with some regulation) and super good batteries. You shouldn’t expect to get competition clouds from a vision spinner battery.

The atomizer

Don’t expect super awesome clouds from a tiny tank. The Prince tank by Smok produces the best clouds I’ve seen from a tank. For large clouds, you’ll need an RDA or a dripper.

The coil

You need a super low ohm coil to get the best clouds. You’re looking for and 19 ohm isn’t going to cut it. I wouldn’t go above.9 because you’ll likely vent your battery and end up in the hospital with shrapnel in your face from your mod exploding, especially if you’re using a mech. A regulated mod’s bypass mode could save you from a vent. I can’t emphasise the power enough. 

The professional cloud chasers modify their devices because you might not be able to find the right coil in the majority of vape stores.

Vape liquid

If you’re using a 50/50 or mostly PG blend, you’re pretty much screwed. You must use either a mostly VG blend or straight VG juice. 

If you can mix your own vape liquid, then that’s better because most of the vape liquids are made at white label e liquid manufacturing facilities, and you may not get the desired e-liquid for cloud chasing.

Your technique

You must be able to inhale deeply and hold your breath for a second. This implies that you must have lung capacity and not gag on the vapour (it happens to some people). Proper technique, as with cigarette smoke tricks, can take months of practice. These include proper body posture, inhaling and exhaling techniques.

Battery Safety

Always use the most secure batteries available. Among these are AW, Sony VTC4/VTC5, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask.


A proper balance of resistance and airflow is essential. The less resistance there is, the more airflow is required. Too much, however, can thin out or disperse vapour, whereas too little will not produce as much.


Proper wicking, using the right material and thickness, is critical for allowing air and e-juice to flow efficiently to the coils.

Lung capacity 

Some people are born with more lung capacity than others, which can affect how they inhale and exhale.


Cloud chasing is not the same as sub-ohm vaping. Anyone can vape with sub-ohm tanks, but cloud chasing is reserved for the hardcore. Extreme sports always have a high-risk factor. and the same can be said for this activity. It is vaping to the extreme. It can be fun if everything is done correctly, but the danger is always there.

After all, what is extreme without any risks? If one wants to try it, make sure the proper equipment is used. Clones are a definite no-no since they can fail, increasing the chances of accidents. One must also do thorough research before attempting to chase clouds. Throwing a hastily done build on a clone is a sure recipe for disaster.

 Before attempting to chase clouds, one should conduct extensive research. A hastily completed build on a clone is a sure recipe for disaster. It is best to stop cloud chasing when the battery becomes too hot. Place the mod on the ground, wait for it to cool, and then walk away.

Consult your cloud-chasing buddies for advice. Learn from them, and carefully follow their instructions and warnings. When in doubt, stick to sub-ohm tanks and leave the clouds to the professionals. As with everything else in life, safety comes first. The fun comes later. If you are a beginner, who is passionate about vape clouds, find the best vape starter kit Australia to join this new trend.


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