How to Get the Best OSRS Gear From Venenatis?

Are you looking to get the best gear in OSRS? Venenatis is the new raid released in April 2021, and it is packed with powerful items and rewards. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the best gear from Venenatis in OSRS.

The first step to getting the best gear from Venenatis is to make sure you have enough Combat and Slayer levels to get in. The minimum requirements are combat level 90 and slayer level 85. You also need to have access to the raid.

Once you’re in the raid, you need to prepare your gear. You should equip the best armor and weapons you have, as well as bring plenty of food and potions to keep you alive. Make sure to bring the best Magic and Ranged weapons you can, as Venenatis has some of the strongest monsters in the game.

When you enter the raid, you’ll need to make your way through the four bosses. Each boss has a unique ability and can drop unique rewards and OSRS GP. To get the best gear, you’ll want to focus on killing the bosses quickly.

Once you’ve completed the raid, you’ll be able to use your points to buy great rewards from the Venenatis shop. You can buy a variety of armor and weapons, as well as rare items such as the 3rd age range, magic, and melee armor. You can also buy items and pets that you can use in your other adventures.

If you’re looking to get the best gear from Venenatis, you’ll need to make sure you’re well-prepared before entering the raid. Make sure you have the best gear and potions, as well as plenty of food. Once you’re in, focus on killing the bosses quickly to maximize your rewards. Finally, use your points to buy the best items and pets from the Venenatis shop.


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