How To Get Instant Cash Loan?


If you think of selling your items, we will buy your items altogether. We generally offer from 30 up to 98% of the item’s value to you. This depends on the brand of item, type of item, and how fast the item will get sold. 

We always offer the highest amount for gold. Our team members firstly determine the prices of the items you want to sell. Secondly, we confirm the item is something we are selling at the time. For examining the items, we use our trained pawn and gold brokers, and various online vendors hired by our team. 

We always make sure to serve you the best deal we can and try to move your item quickly. Because we can liquidate our inventory so quickly, we stay on top of decreases value as companies releases new versions, gold prices fluctuate, etc… Pricing of your items will be selected based on their stable values in the marketplace. 

For this reason, things like guns, precious metals, and ammunition bring a higher premium than consumer electronics. Hence, consumer electronics get a lower premium. 

Mortgaging your items:

The following process is followed for pawning your items:

• Customers bring an item of value for sale.

• Our team examines your item and offers a loan based on the estimated percentage of the item’s resale value. 

• Your item is kept in our secure storage until you repay the loan along with interest and additional fees if applied any. 

Loan repayment is based on 1-3 months with extension periods up to 10 years. 

Gold & silver:

We offer a maximum % of gold and precious metals market price. We manually offer lab-quality results using our XRF Analyzer to test gold. 


We buy only quality diamonds and authenticate your diamond by offering free testing. Our team can also help you if you need a certified report as it will take only ten-twenty days. In house we have a GIA ID100 Tester to confirm the natural diamond.


A consumer exchanges an item for a short-term cash loan. The item is returned to the client once the loan and interest, and additional taxes are paid off. 

Estate buyouts:

An estate buyout refers to buying the contents of your estate, home using a cash offer. Sometimes, we purchase on the items in the home, or the house as well. Our company always focuses on customer satisfaction and high-quality services. Our team’s hard work and dedication make us different and let our company stand among other estate buyouts. 


Want to get loans at the lowest interest with up to 10 years of repayment accessibility? If yes, then you’re going through the correct article. Enroll yourself today and stand a chance to grab instant cash by selling your item. We offer a maximum % on gold and precious metals than any electronic appliances. From Monday-Saturday our office will be open from 11 am-7 pm. On Sunday, we have holidays, and the office remains closed. You may contact us on our number which will be mentioned below. Collateral Loan Idaho includes the loan given based on electronic appliances. Collateral Loan Boise is all about loans based on gold and precious metals.