How To Get An Affordable Akubra Hat In Australia?

Akubra hats, first produced in 1899, are made from fine felted merino wool or top-quality leather. These Australian-made hats provide durability and comfort, so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Whether you live in Australia or anywhere across the globe, these hats never ever go out of style and look gorgeous on anyone. In fact, Akubra style hats are some of the most sought-after styles in the entire world. So, what’s more, to know about them? Let’s find out.

How To Wear An Akubra Hat?

Akubra-style hats are made with a wider brim than most other hats, so they offer maximum protection from the sun and rain. The crown is usually higher as compared to other hat styles, making them ideal for use with ear protectors. This Australian hat style is great for people who love riding their bicycles or horses because it fits snugly and offers a lot of support to your head. Buying hats for you is easy if you’re looking online for Akubra hats.

These hats can be worn as a part of a casual outfit in warm weather or even when you go on long vacations in summer. However, they also look smart when paired up with coats and formal accessories for the winter months too. And the cost of hats in Akubra style is also great for any price range depending on variety and quality.

How To Get An Affordable Akubra Hat In Australia?

Buying hats in Australia is not much of a big deal usually, you could go to your nearest clothing store and inquire about hats there. Or, a much better alternative here is to buy hats online in Australia from places like Hat World Australia. Some of these websites, including Hat World, provide some of the best brands and types of hats to their buyers.

Once you have your eyes on a particular hat, you could compare its prices before making up your mind for good. Remember, pairing an Akubra-style hat up with a great ensemble of clothes can improve your look threefold. And not to mention, it is absolutely stunning for photoshoots. That being said, there are different types of Akubra hats. Let’s see a few of them.

  • Fedora Akubra

A fedora Akubra hat is quite popular and one of the most popular types. This type of Akubra style hat is made from felt material, instead of wool or leather. The shape of this felt hat is slightly different from that of typical Akubra hats, but it still includes some salient features like a wide brim.

  • Straw Akubra

The Straw Akubra is also quite popular as one of the most gorgeous types of Akubra hats. It’s made from fine felt wool and is slightly different from other hats in terms of shape. The crown is wider than those of the felt Akubra hats but does not have a brim. The brim is a little more floppy than others.

  • Grain Akubra

The Grain Akubra is another popular type of Akubra style hat which is made in many different shades. It’s made from fine grain leather, felt wool, or both depending on the manufacturer of the hat.


These Australian hat styles are always in fashion and offer you great comfort, protection, and style. And they’re all so attractive. So, why don’t you try any of these three types of hats? You can always make them your own by adding a little personalisation to them. Akubra hats are not just hats but something that was designed for the true Australian, who was proud of the country. The cost of hats can vary depending on style and brand but they’re all so worth it.