How to get a six-pack?

Removing fat from the waist does not immediately allow you to get an athletic look. To achieve this you need to train and know two ways to get perfect abs.

It is a basic condition, to achieve perfect abs , to have a low percentage of body fat , an objective that is achieved with the optimal combination of diet with sufficient physical activity in quantity.

Once the low level of adipose tissue is obtained, it is essential to develop the abdominal muscles so that it is marked and looks vigorous.

You can watch the 2 motion sequences on video for a better understanding of the exercises .

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2 ways to get perfect abs

Follow these easy steps:

1.The iron

It is an exercise of the isometric (static) type in which you must hold a position for as long as possible.

  • Laying face down. Support forearms and toes against the ground. The body is separated from the floor forming a continuous line between the shoulders and the heels. It is important that the pelvis remains neutral, without raising or lowering the buttocks.
  • You must activate your abs to maintain that posture and contract them vigorously until fatigue.
  • Repeat 2 times.

2. Abdominal shrinkage (crunch)

  • With your back to the floor. Hands behind the head. Elbows spread. Legs raised at 90º (can be placed on a bench).
  • Raise the trunk by flexing it , while the knees move slightly towards the middle area. The lumbar back should not be detached from the floor at any time .
  • Breathe out when you go up and breathe in when you lower the trunk. This same exercise, with the feet on a bench, it is possible to do it by adding a weight behind the head, holding it with the hands. This variant gives it a higher intensity and quality , being the results much more effective.