How to get a loan at the Pag-Asa pawnshop in Mandaue?

Pag Asa Pawnshop Mandaue has been providing pawning services since 1987 and has branches located across the Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippines. They offer competitive interest rates and various services such as loans, prenda-pasok, and auctions. Operating hours may vary depending on the branch, but they are generally open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Pag-Asa Pawnshop accepts a wide range of items as collateral for pawning. These items must have high value and liquidity.It is important to note that the items must be genuine and in good condition in order to be accepted as collateral.

What are the types of items you can pawn?

What types of items can you pawn at a Pag-Asa pawnshop?

You can pawn several types of items in Pag-Asa. As a rule, items accepted as collateral must be of high value and liquidity. So the list of items accepted as collateral:

Jewelry. These are perhaps one of the most common items used as pawns in the Philippines. Naturally, customers need to make sure they are genuine. Corrugated gold coins are not as valuable as real 18K and 24K gold coins. The only reminder is that Pag-Asa does not appraise gemstones embedded in jewelry.

Gadgets. The Pag-Asa pawnshop accepts gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc. But before you bring them to the pawnshop, you need to make sure they are in working order, be it quality or functionality. Delete important items from your device’s storage.

Musical instruments. First of all, the tools must be of high value. Tools must be in working order, without unnecessary stickers and accessories.

Appliances. The Pag-Asa Pawnshop also accepts various home appliances such as flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, sound systems and ovens as collateral. The newer the appliance looks, the more appraisal value you can get on credit.

Genuine luxury items. Do you have designer items such as bags, shoes, belts and sunglasses from famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and the like? You can also pawn these items. You can help by proving its worth by handing over the certificate of authenticity. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, as the staff can usually tell what’s fake and what’s real.

How can you pawn at the Pag-Asa?

Pawning jewelry is a fairly traditional Philippine way of getting cash in case of emergency.How to lay in Pag-Asa pawnshop?

Find something valuable for collateral. List of items accepted as collateral:

  • watches
  • cell phones
  • laptop computers
  • gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry
  • power tools
  • musical instruments.

If you have documents or certificates confirming its value or authenticity of your pawn, then take them with you to the pawnshop.

To ensure a smooth pawning process, make sure to bring valid identification such as a driver’s license, passport, national ID, or postal ID. This will be required by the pawnshop for verification purposes.

When you arrive at the pawnshop, present the item you wish to pawn. The appraisal process will begin immediately, and it is important to come to a mutual agreement with the pawnshop regarding the charges and the value of the item.

Once the appraisal is complete and an agreement has been reached, you will receive your money. The pawnshop issue a pawn ticket, which you will need to keep safe. This ticket will be required when you want to claim your item or if you decide to renew your pawn.

One of the advantages of using Pag-Asa Pawnshop is the speed and ease of their pawning process. With just a valid government-issued ID and the item you wish to pawn, you can apply for a loan and receive approval within just one day. This is particularly beneficial as no credit history is required, and you can access your loan funds instantly.

With this convenient pawning process, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your pawned item. Getting a loan from Pag-Asa Pawnshop has never been easier or more hassle-free.

Benefits of Pag-Asa Pawnshop

When considering a company’s services, it is important to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages they offer. Simply browsing their website or catalog may not provide enough information. It is extremely important to dig deeper and evaluate reviews from previous clients or get referrals from others who have used their services. This will help determine if the pawnshop is trustworthy and if your item will be safe until you pay off the loan. Here are the pros and cons of the Pag-Asa pawnshop.

First, the Pag-Asa pawnshop accepts a variety of items as collateral, including jewelry, watches, gadgets, cars, art, household appliances, and luxury items. This gives buyers a wide choice.

Secondly, the pawnshop has competitive interest rates, which makes their services more affordable for borrowers.

It is important to carefully weigh these pros and cons before deciding to use the services of a Pag-Asa pawnshop.


How to lay?

To pawn, customers need to come to the Pag-Asa pawnshop with a pawn and documents. Next, the borrower provides a pledge to the appraiser and the necessary documents to the manager. After determining the value of the pawn, the client either agrees with the announced amount and issues a pawn ticket, or takes his pawn and leaves.

How to do prenda-pasok?

Hand over the auctioned mortgage to a pawnshop representative. Instruct him to complete the prenda-pasok transaction. Next, the manager will calculate the amount that the client will receive from the cashier. If the customer agrees with this amount, the sales representative issues a receipt. The received check is presented to the cashier along with the payment.

What is the loan term?

Pag-Asa pawnshop loan term does not exceed 90 days. However, after repaying half of the full cost of the loan, the borrower can extend the term up to 120 days.

What happens if the client does not repay the loan?

If the client is unable to repay the loan in full, the collateral is put up for auction. If the collateral is sold, the Pag-Asa pawnshop will deduct the debt from the proceeds, and the remaining funds will be transferred to the borrower.

What to do if the pledge ticket is lost?

If the borrower has lost the ticket, then he will have to contact the branch where he received it and explain the situation to the manager. The manager will ask the client to provide an identity card and will find in the database a loan agreement signed by the borrower with such an identity card. After that, the client will be given a copy of the pledge ticket.

How to pay monthly payments?

You can pay loan payments at any branch of the Pag-Asa pawnshop convenient for you, and collect the pledge after paying off the debt at the office where you made out the loan agreement, unless otherwise specified in the pawnshop.

Author Sofia García from Upfinance