How To Get A Job At A Volvo Dealership?

When it comes to automobile, then you have a few names that are synonymous with excellent performance and efficiency. One such name is Volvo. It is a Swedish company that has been in existence since 1927. The company manufactures some of the best cars that exude style and luxury. The Volvo vehicles are famous for their magnificent engine, glossy aesthetics, and cozy interiors. Since it is a luxury vehicle, still affordable, many people can’t imagine preferring any other vehicle other than Volvo because of these qualities.

To keep this luxurious vehicle running smoothly, you need a specialized technician. With the right training and certification, you can easily start working at an authorized Volvo dealership shop.

Certifying Volvo dealership

Volvo Dealership
Volvo Dealership

Many automotive manufacturing companies provide specialized trainers for foreign brand and luxury vehicles. Volvo is proud of their success that depends on the customers, can find reliable technicians to work on their cars if they cause any problem. All the Volvo dealership prefer to have qualified staff, and what better than having a certified degree that too by a program started by Volvo along with UTI.

Regular mechanics won’t know the tricks and would end up doing it temporarily. Volvo needs mechanics having the expertise on the mechanics and engine of Volvo, and hence they have collaborated with the Universal Technical Institute in the United States. This institute is a leading resource for technicians’ training. Their reputation has been for more than 50 years and includes graduating well over 200,000 mechanics. Volvo is a renowned name in the industry. With a legacy of more than five decades, this company has established a well-carved niche for itself.

Hence, a Volvo dealership certification course ensures following of the stringent quality practices and adherence to the standards set by the company. The course that they have designed for this is SAFE or Service Automotive Factory Education training. You can find information about SAFE on the portal of UTI.

The procedures to be followed:

  • Complete the application form
  • Education Qualification
  • Attend an interview

To clear the application for the training course, and meet their education qualification, Volvo recommends the trainers to apply for the technician’s job so that they can get a real-world experience to give themselves a better chance for getting qualified. If they get to experience working with Volvo dealership stores, their options will be increased.

The SAFE course

If you are qualified for this course, it’s going to be 14 weeks of training. This training would be available at UTI’s campus itself.

The modules to be covered during the course would be:

  1. Engines
  2. Management of engines
  3. Battery and its charging systems
  4. Automatic transmissions of Volvo
  5. Climatic control of Volvo
  6. Diagnosis of the system
  7. MOST network diagnostic, i.e., Fiber optics
  8. Vehicle Suspension

After completion of this course, you will be qualified for the position of securing a mechanic job which would be focused on luxurious brands and would also make more money as compared to those working with the company for more than five years. You can also get yourself a job at Volvo dealership.

Job security is a must to think about. As you know, Volvo has been growing popularly in the market and will continue to do that because of their different launches of the models. There would not be much trouble in a steady flow of work.

The Master Technicians course by Volvo

While you have taken the SAFE training, but many of the technicians would want to go for more expertise, and so you have the option of Master Technician course. If others want to build their career as Master Volvo Technician, they can pursue a Master Technician course, which can give abetter pay and job security. If you wish to reach this level, then you would need experience on Volvos at the authorized Volvo dealership

Therefore, for being a certified Volvo technician, you should keep trying to find the work because that would count as a real-life experience and give us more opportunities ahead. Working at Volvo dealership would be advantageous for you that would create a better option and better payroll and job security.

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