How to Find the Perfect Dog Breeder

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the process of buying a puppy. Puppies are extremely cute and bring a smile to all of our faces, but there are some things each potential dog owner should consider when deciding on the breeder they choose to work with. 

Breeding Standards

Most reputable breeders will have breeding standards on their webpage. Breeding standards usually show what the Whoodle breeders do to raise the best puppies and why they are a good choice. This also helps you see what their expectations are and what you should expect when choosing a puppy.

Puppy Training

Some breeders such as My Whoodle offer obedience training along with their puppy. It should ease your mind if this is the case for the breeder you are considering. Most breeders who also train their puppies are with their dogs throughout the day constantly working with them and are very in tune with their needs. 


Health Guarantee

Most quality breeders will offer a 2-4 year health guarantee and will be pretty accessible if anything ever does happen to your puppy. Some breeders such as My Doodle Maltipoos go above and beyond offering a 10-year health guarantee. They will also tell you about the different diseases that are common in Whoodles that you need to watch out for.

Past Customer Testimonials

Reading through the experience the past customers have experienced will help you know what you can expect from the breeder during the process. This will also give you a feel of how easy they were to work with and whether or not most people are satisfied. When you are reading the reviews, look through the good and bad reviews so you can know what to watch for and what is a deal-breaker for you.

Vaccination and Deworming

Along with the health guarantee, good breeders will also keep their puppies up to date on the deworming and vaccinations. This is why they can confidently give you a health guarantee for this long. 

Homey Environment

You will want to make sure the breeder raises the puppies in a homey environment where they will receive as much attention as they can along with all of their siblings. When a puppy is raised in a homey and loving environment, they are better behaved and a lot easier to train because they aren’t rejected and don’t feel like their owner is the bad guy. 

Breeders should be passionate about their dogs and not trying to make a quick buck and when you find a breeder like Farm Country Goldens that raises their puppies around their family and home it becomes apparent that they truly care. 

Breeders’ Personality and Openness 

When you are looking at different breeders and deciding which one you want to go with, you’ll want to check a few things to make sure they are taking care of their puppies and that they aren’t a scam.

  1. Meet the Breeder. The best way to get to know a breeder is to meet them in person. This will usually be at their home or wherever the dogs are staying. If you are not able to meet in person due to distance or covid, you can ask the breeder to video call and talk to them on there. While you are talking to them, observe the puppies and the breeder. Noticing whether the area is clean or not, are the puppies fed well? Do they get outside time? How do they react to strangers and kids? A big one you should watch for is how the dogs and puppies react to the breeder. Do they shy away or do they greet them or neither?
  2. Ask Questions. You can never ask too many questions. You should be able to ask questions about the puppy throughout the process. Also, have a list of questions prepared for the first time you meet the breeder. When you are asking the questions, it will be pretty easy to tell how involved they are in the puppies and how much effort they put into them. Responsible breeders will be happy to share all of their knowledge to help the puppies to loving homes.
  3. See the puppy’s Parents. Seeing the puppy’s parents is the best way to see how your puppy will look when they are older. Both color and size are based on the parent’s genes. 
  4. Get full medical History. Most breeders will be glad to give you proof of health screenings like CERF and OFA certificates. They will also give you information about any health risks that are common with the breed. 
  5. Be Patient. Don’t expect to be able to bring your puppy home the first time you meet with the breeder. The puppies will always do better if they spend the first month or two with their mother. Doing so will help them with social confidence and they will mature better with their mother’s help. You will also need time to puppy-proof your home and get everything in place so you and your puppy can have the best experience possible. 

Finding the right breeder is just as important as finding the right puppy. With the right breeder, every step in the process is a lot smoother and you can relax knowing that your puppy is being taken care of and given all of the love in the world.