How to Find the Best Nurse Necklace?

Nurses play an important role in society today. They are care providers who not only focus on the patient’s physical needs, emotional needs, but also on psychological needs and spiritual needs. They are great medical angels who deserve all sound praises. But actions speak louder than words. Express your appreciation with a fantastic gift-nurse necklace.

Jewels are a kind of magic stuff since it helps to hold memories and emotions. Every time you see it precious memories flood your mind. So sending a piece of fantastic nurse necklace would be a great choice. After a comprehensive observation, we have found that there are five popular elements adopted in nurse jewels. You won’t make mistakes with the following nurse jewels.

Nurse Pendants with a Nurse Hat

Since nurse caps originated from deaconesses, nurse hats have been involved in so many types mainly divided into long caps and short caps. The long caps can cover much of the nurse’s hair while the short caps sit atop the nurse’s hair. They are used to make the nurse’s hair neatly in place which gradually turns into a sign of nurses. And this is the reason why jewelry merchants introduce a white cap into their products.

This piece features a lovely silver nurse cap engraved with a red cross and Caduceus. The small cap is hanging under a hollow round ring which makes the cap move freely. This minimalist nurse hat pendant looks fantastic. It must be a big surprise for your nurse friends.

Sterling Silver Nurse Necklace with Heartbeat

It is common to see an emergency scene happening in a medical TV drama where somebody is going to be dead with his or her heartbeat turning into a straight line. People consider the heartbeat as a sign of the end of life. However, the heartbeat adopted in nurse jewelry doesn’t mean the end of life but symbolizes the unstoppable force of life. It glorifies the greatness of nurses and doctors who are capable of saving dying people’s lives.

Gold heartbeat nurse necklace with a sparkling heart crystal. It looks so wonderful. The combination of gold and pink is awesome, making it fashionable and elegant.

Stethoscope Necklace

The stethoscope is one of the most common and popular elements adopted in nurse jewelry. As we all know, the stethoscope is used to listen to the internal sounds of human body or animals. They gradually become the sign of medical stuff.

Stethoscope heart nurse pendant chain. This piece looks marvelous as it combines a heart-shaped pendant and stethoscope smartly. The delicate necklace must be a great idea to gift the one you appreciated.

Registered Nurse Necklace with Caduceus

The Rod of Asclepius is the ancient Greek symbol associated with medicine instead of Caduceus. But due to numerous errors in documentation, the connection between Caduceus and medicine has been established in the United States. So this kind of mistake lasts nowadays.

It is common to see RN in nurse theme jewelry. The two initials represent registered nurses, a group enjoying very high praise in America due to their ethics and honesty.

The combination of RN and caduceus is the perfect gift for those who are going to be registered nurses. It would be meaningful.

RN caduceus registered nurse oval pendant with angel wings. The oval-shaped appearance makes it lovely while dark black and retro silver turn the tune into solemn. This piece must be a meaningful present to celebrate those who are going to graduate and be great registered nurses.

14K Gold Nurse Necklace with Angel Wings

The nurse and doctors are usually called angels as a metaphor. Because the essence of their work is similar to the duty of angels though they do not exist at all. It is a romantic metaphor that might impact an important effect on so many people’s occupation choices.

Flying heart necklace. How lovely the pendant is! The tiny hollow heart with a nurse hat seems to fly freely upon the sky. A sparkling diamond at the center of the heart will make the wearer look more glamorous.

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