How to Export Large WhatsApp Chats

About 2 billion people currently use the WhatsApp platform to keep in touch with family, friends or colleagues, and conduct business online with customers. Whatever the purpose, WhatsApp keeps a lot of chat history. If your chats are less than 40.000 WhatsApp messages or 10.000 messages if you include media, you can export them using WhatsApp on your phone. If your chats are more than 40.000, you cannot export them directly through the WhatsApp export function. In this article, we will learn how to export large WhatsApp chats with more than 40000 messages.

Part 1:How to Export less than 40.000 WhatsApp Chats

For Android

Open WhatsApp and select the WhatsApp chats you want to export.

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click “More” and then click “Export Chats”.

A pop-up window shows whether to include media or not, select “No Media”.

The Share menu will appear. Select Gmail from the list.

For iOS

Open a WhatsApp chat to export.

Tap the contact’s name at the top, then tap “Export Chats.”

“No Media Included” from the popup.

Then select the email application and then Export Send.

Part 2:How to Export Large WhatsApp Chats with More than 40000 Messages

UnicTool ChatMover is a desktop application to quickly export all WhatsApp chats or data to your computer. At the same time, it can also export and restore all your WhatsApp chat history to any device without worrying about any compatibility issues in the future.

It can also easily transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, from Android to Android, and from iPhone to Android.

UnicTool ChatMover is also one of the best backup solutions for WhatsApp. It not only backs up all chat history, including your profile photo, but also pictures in chat history. Likewise, it applies to all videos and any other attachments in chats that you want to send using WhatsApp.

How to use ChatMover to export Large WhatsApp Chats?

1. Download and install UnicTool ChatMover.

2. Select “Backup” and connect your phone to the computer.

3. Go to the “Export” and select the backups from the list that you want to export on WhatsApp and click the “Export to Computer“.

4. You will see all WhatsApp attachments and chats in that backup. And select the chats you want to export. Then, select a computer destination and click the “Export” .

Final Words

By studying this article, we learned that a large number of WhatsApp chats can be exported through the above methods. But backing up WhatsApp and then emailing the files can be a long and complicated process. So we recommend using UnicTool ChatMover WhatsApp Transfer app to safely backup your data and export it.