How to Earn a Living as a Foreign Nursing Student

As a foreign student, finances might be tight. Therefore, searching for a part-time job is the easiest way to make money. Some of these jobs will come in handy in offering firsthand experience in the healthcare industry.

  • Taking student nurse jobs

Some of these jobs include summer camp nurse assistant, a transporter for patients within a hospital setting, dietary aide, orderly, monitor technician, phlebotomist, or occupational therapy aide. These jobs will earn you some extra income and gain experience working in the healthcare industry.

  • Home healthcare

Another easy way to earn an income is in the home healthcare industry. This field has a ton of group homes or individuals that require little experience in terms of medical expertise. Being a nursing student, however, gives you precedence over other potential candidates. The job description requires only basic stuff like cooking, cleaning, taking blood pressure, and other minor health stuff. The major advantage of this type of work is that it is mostly “babysitting” but the experience is useful after graduating. The agencies also offer opportunities for hiring after graduation or connect you to com[anise that will hire you.

  •  Writing

If you are good with words, then working as a freelance writer is another legal way of making money. You can write for blogs, school papers, or other editors that require such services.

  • Other online freelance work

The internet is a vast sea of opportunities. Therefore, you can find a niche and work at it. There are good online opportunities such as social media vlogging, selling aesthetic photos, online typing jobs that pay per hour, being a guest blogger, affiliate marketing, virtual assistant, and customer call support, among many other opportunities. However, you have to be cautious of some of these online jobs as they may affect your legal status as a foreign student. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the local laws and your visa conditions.

  • Becoming a tutor or instructor

As a foreign student, stellar grades are somewhat compulsory. Therefore, this allows you to offer tutoring services either on campus or off campus. For instance, you can tutor fellow students in a certain unit and charge per hour. You can also complete some online courses and be certified to teach English as a foreign language around the world online. You can also become a first aid instructor within the community.

  • Participate as a paid volunteer

Within the hospital or nursing school settings, various studies are being conducted. You can volunteer in some of these studies and can get paid. These include focus groups, clinical trials, or other research studies that are usually compensated.

  • Competitions and paid surveys

Being a student affords you opportunities to enter some competitions that may result in some extra income. Also there are various online surveys to participate in that offer some form of compensation. These surveys are common especially in nursing schools as many finalists are looking for people to participate in their projects.

  • Working as a consultant or assistant

If you are an advanced nursing student, you can offer consultancy services to other professions such as law. Various lawyers are looking for consultants, especially in the malpractice field. You can offer your services and earn some extra income. Working as an assistant in a physician’s office is another way to earn income. This also allows you to learn.

  • Investment

If you have a knack for numbers and the ability to predict the stock market, then, this is a legal way to earn income. Regenerating income is a good way to start your journey into building a side hustle business.