How to differentiate original and fake incense cones

Incense has a long history in almost all regions of the world. With the passage of time, the form of incense we use has evolved from dried pieces of wood and resin, to ground powder, which is mixed and dried into different forms having different wild mixtures. There are several types of incense are using these days. Backflow incense cones are widely used to purify your space and help provide insight and wisdom, Incense is perfect for everyone. Must be used with a backflow incense burner to work properly.

What are backflow incense cones?

Backflow incense cones are such cones in which the incense smoke flows in the opposite direction of the “normal” incense, down rather than up. This is because the incense cone has a small hollow tunnel in the center, which ends in a hole in the lower center.

This is how we think reflux incense works, Backflow incense smoke is actually denser than normal air at room temperature because it contains tiny smoke particles. But when a regular incense is lit, the smoke flows upwards because the warm air is lighter than the air at room temperature. In the case of an ebbing incense cone, the smoke enters the hollow center tunnel, where it cools as it follows the path. As the smoke cools, it becomes denser, so when it comes out of the incense cone at the bottom, it flows gently downward.

Incense cones are really important because we inhale directly smoke which can dangerous for our lungs. Let’s differentiate how we can judge either these are good cones are bad.

Identification between counterfeit and Authentic Incense cones

Luckily, there are a few easy steps to differentiate high-quality aromatherapy incense from its lower-caliber counterparts. To start, look for artificial dyes or overly scented fragrances. If there is a sweetish smell spreading from an incense cone, it is a clear indication that the product is not natural. It is made by an artificial flavour which is not good for health.


Because authentic, high-quality incense is made from real plants or essential oils combined with gums, resins, powders and spices, you shouldn’t see any colors not found in nature popping up in your incense. Also, the scents listed to combine to create the incense aroma should be natural.This is a main identity for a natural and pure incense cones. Low-quality products will instead use synthetic perfumes , artificial flavors and a chemical means to bind incense. This kind of products are lacking peace.


At last, to be absolutely sure you are enjoying authentic incense, such as the ever-popular Nag Champa, your best option is to buy from a company that is transparent and ethical about their practices. For a truly superior aromatherapy experience, do your due diligence in finding a company that makes their products naturally, with an emphasis on traditional practices. In this way you can enjoy the real and traditional fragrances which can feel you comfort and gives you peace.


Main key points regarding Incense cones

  1. Fake incense companies will be more secretive about their ingredients.
  2. Don’t select such color which is not popping up natural.
  3. Look out the scents that are extra perfumed that will be fake.



There are few things better than an authentic incense burning in your area to transform the energy of a space at will, but of course this cannot be achieved if the incense is not authentic. Be patience and  find the right products and choose the ones that truly attribute to the methods and ingredients that have made incense such a popular form of therapy. In this article we tried our best to compare original and fake incenses. Thanks for your reading, we’ll keep you update with such type of interesting information. Keep connected and stay healthy. Stay safe!