How to Develop Instagram and Why It’s One of the Best Ways to Drive Traffic and Sales for Business

Several social media platforms have set themselves apart as ways to drive traffic and sales for business entities. You might turn to the following and get positive results:

  • Meta
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

However, these days, Meta only appeals to very specific population segments. Twitter has been mostly a mess since Elon Musk took it over. Pinterest is still fairly niche, and some YouTube users find the presence of ads obtrusive. 

Instagram has emerged as one of the better ways for companies to market themselves, and we’ll discuss why that is in the following article. We’ll also talk about how you might develop your channel when you decide to create one for your business entity.

Why Companies Have So Much Success with the Instagram Platform

There are three key reasons why the IG platform works so well for so many companies. 

  • You’re able to build and track audience awareness easier than with most other social media platforms
  • You’re able to boost sales through your initiatives there with relative ease
  • It’s a foolproof way to drive up brand awareness

IG has a suite of analytics tools that are easy for you to learn how to use. By manipulating them, you may track how many individuals on the platform are responding well to your posts.

You can also increase your sales on IG because it’s a place where many of your potential customers are already spending their time. All you have to learn how to do is encourage them to buy from you by establishing meaningful connections through your content strategies.

Finally, even if you can’t always get the sale you want, businesses that use Instagram are able to spread awareness about their company and create a distinct voice that their fanbase comes to recognize. Figuring out how to differentiate yourself from your competitors is sometimes every bit as valuable as getting sales.

Now, let’s look at specific ways to develop your company’s presence on this platform.

Purchase Followers

On the platform, you always want to grow your positive metrics. Those include:

  • Followers 
  • Likes 
  • Comments
  • Shares

When you see your numbers rising in any of these categories, you know that what you’re doing is working. Followers are one of the best metrics in which you want to see an increase, though, and you should always work toward getting more of them.

You should do so through organic means, but you can also get cheap IG followers for Instagram that you can buy for 1 dollar. It’s a small amount of money, but sometimes, getting those first few followers is worth it for the price. If you don’t have much of a platform when you first set up your account on Instagram, it’s definitely worth considering this strategy.

Look for one of the entities that sell social media engagement, and see which package will work best according to your marketing budget. Even if you don’t have unlimited funds for marketing, you will usually find at least enough money to jumpstart your positive metrics.

Understand What Content Does Well on the Platform

Aside from buying followers, likes, and other positive engagement, you might also think about the Instagram algorithm and what it reveals. Like all social media platforms, IG does not show exactly what goes into the algorithm. Still, you should get some ideas about what kinds of content will help your company’s profile the most by looking at what gets the best engagement.

You will want to create:

  • Polls for your followers
  • Behind-the-scenes content that shows how you make your products
  • Tutorials or tips that your audience will find useful
  • Anything culture-focused that shows off your company’s human side
  • Stories featuring your customers
  • Product demos or giveaways

The platform sometimes calls all of this “tentpole content” because these kinds of posts are so popular and see such widespread use. This kind of content should be your bread and butter as a business entity.

If you want to improve your Instagram marketing, you’ll also want to look at what your competitors are doing. You should not have the aim of copying them, but you should take note if they’ve managed to create a particular post or campaign that is bringing them widespread acclaim and allowing them to go viral. You’ll need to ask yourself if you can do something similar. 

Other Content that Does Well

Aside from the kinds of content we already mentioned, those who you’ll find on this platform seem to like the following:

  • Content that promotes body positivity
  • Anti-bullying messages
  • Anything having to do with helping the environment
  • Motivational content that doesn’t feel cynical

People go on Instagram because they want to forget about what’s troubling them. It’s escapism. As a company using the platform, you’ll use it for self-promotion, but you can’t be too obvious about that. 

If you try to create content that matches an aesthetic and feeling that isn’t so corporate, you’re liable to see better results than if all your posts sound like sales copy. Yes, you’re attempting to let people know about what products you sell or services you offer, but that has to take a backseat to emphasizing your company’s fundamental humanity.

Master the Many Forms of Content Creation

You should also know that you can post several kinds of content on this platform, including:

  • Posts
  • Reels
  • Stories 
  • Live feeds

Those who have mastered the platform use all of them. Posts are evergreen content, so you can count on them staying on your profile until you delete them. Reels are short-form videos, so if you have a top-notch production team, you can ask them to edit together little movies about your company. They can add sound effects, animation, and special effects if you think that will help you get better engagement numbers.

Stories are only 15 seconds long, and they can feel like stream-of-consciousness content. Some companies use these to their advantage, but keep in mind they’ll vanish after just 24 hours.

Live streams might be the optimal way to connect with an audience, though, because they can seem like appointment viewing. Nothing screams exclusivity like having an Instagram live feed for your company that takes place at a fashionable event that’s closed to most or all of the public. Allowing your viewers to get behind the scenes with a strategic live stream might be what wins you the most likes, followers, sales, and so forth.

Partnering with Celebrities and Influencers

One more thing you might do to get more clout on Instagram is to find celebrities or influencers and partner with them. You just need to find and approach anyone matching this description who you think your audience will also respond to favorably. 

If you’re not sure who to partner with, you can always ask your fans. You might conduct a poll with some options and see who they have a favorable view of and want to see in your next live feed or story.

Using these strategies should help you get the IG engagement that will lead to more sales and notoriety. This platform can turn your fortunes around if you’re falling behind your competitors.