How to Design the Best Family Home  


A home is a place that witnesses every aspect of your life. When you are happy, your home sees us dancing all around the place; when you are sad, that corner of your house comforts us taking us in its awe. Your home keeps and harbours every precious moment of your life in itself. When your home is so influential, designing it should be a joyous and fun activity for you. Designing your own home is a fantastic opportunity. You get all the space for yourself to design as per your needs and the lifestyle you love to live.

But as easy to think of designing the space, it becomes that complex when you start working on the project. But don’t bother. In this blog, we will share some beautiful and useful insights to help you assemble your thoughts and get to that perfect design that will meet all your needs and desires. Let’s begin!

Understanding Your Needs

Before designing your space, you must read your and your family’s needs because, after all, this is you who will live in it. It has to be where you feel welcome and warm when back from wrapping up a tiring day. It should be a place to relax and work all you want. A place that is safe for your kids and parents to live in. From the budget to the number of rooms to the size of the rooms. Everything should be mapped n your mind before you start designing your house.

To ease this process, we have divided this into three categories. Thus, consider the following three aspects and bring out your demand for your house.


Size is the first factor to consider when making your abode. Whether you like a vast mention like home or a cozy, compact place, you must decide before designing your home.

A house’s ideal size and design are 2,422 square feet, which would be +/- 25% larger than the median size home. Therefore, the optimal dwelling size is between 1,816 and 3,027 square feet if you have a calculated budget and precise but required needs. If you find this process time-consuming, you can take the help of a custom home builder in California.


The ideal bedroom is approximately 132 square feet which adequately fits all your living space requirements.


The kitchen is the most flexible part of your house. Most new houses in California, US, have an average kitchen of 160-380 square feet.


A complete bathroom must be at least 36 to 40 square feet and have four major plumbing fixtures.


The style of your house is a reflection of your personality. Therefore, give a keen interest and time n this section while designing your house. To make this step easy for you, note down your style choice. Include any specific materials, such as a timber frame or a brick exterior, you intend to use for your house in this section. You must follow the family home builder in California to get more insights into the home style.


There are a few works in the house which you have to look into sooner than later. If these take some extra budget than what you decided, cut the budget from some other place but make this works done on priority. These works include Good indoor air quality, structured wiring, hardwood stairs, recessed lights, basement plumbing, wall insolation, bathroom setup, creature comforts, window size and placement, and outdoor setups. Designing and implementing this work should be the priority of your home design project. Else things, you can edit even after the project is wrapped. But if anything out of this list gets overlooked, it will cost you even more money and time when you get it redone. Thus, you need to short out your priorities!

Build your dream home in California

We hope that our insights and information will help you design the best home for you. For further details on single-family homes, new construction or custom home building in California, search for the home builders near me or contact us.