How to Delete Photos on Instagram Carousel?

The US-based corporation Meta Platforms owns Instagram, a picture and video-sharing website. The users may upload media, modify it with filters, group it into hashtag categories, and tag it with a location. With Instagram, you can reach a larger audience with a single click.

Users may browse material from fellow users by reading popular postings, like images, searching for particular tags or places, following other members to access their posts in their feed, and more. Instagram used to have a specific restriction that all material had to be in a cube shape with a 640-pixel highlight width, which matched the measurements of the iPhone.

Why should you delete some photos from Instagram?

To maintain high quality content on your Instagram, you should delete the unnecessary photos and posts. If you’re focusing on improving your personal brand image through your Instagram, you need to take care of what you post and what you should keep in drafts. 

Increase genuine followers: Whenever you talk about genuine engagement, it comes through your appealing posts and content. When you give them genuine and convincing content, they will follow you. You can also buy instagram followers from The Island Now. Ultimately, you can get good followers. But once you have a good following, you need to post relevant and attractive content to build a good image and relationship with your followers.  

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But don’t forget that after you’re done with likes and followers, to keep them for a long time, you need to focus on your high quality content. Here comes the need to delete non relevant and outdated content. 

Wondering how you can do it? Let’s discover.

Instagram allows you to effortlessly remove a single image from a group of uploaded photographs without erasing the entire post.Utilizing the function is relatively simple. Here are some quick instructions on how to remove a picture from an image carousel:

  • On the upper middle of the post, click the three dots. This will provide a menu with numerous choices.
  • Choose Edit.
  • You will now see a little trash bag symbol on the top left of every photograph as you scroll through them. Tap on the image you wish to delete when you find it. If your post contains a lengthy caption, you must scroll down to see the top left side of your photographs.
  • The image will leave the carousel if you select Delete. A popup on Instagram will indicate the removal. A carousel of photographs can have many images removed.
  • After removing all unneeded photographs, hit ‘Done’ in the upper right corner to keep your changes.
  • You may add deleted Instagram photos back to the carousel later.

How to Remove a Multi-Picture Instagram Post?

It is the same as removing a post. So, removing an image on Instagram is simple if you know how. All you need to do to delete an Instagram carousel post entirely is to take the following actions:

  • Tap on the Instagram post you want to delete from your profile.
  • Then, touch the three dots symbol in the post’s upper right corner.
  • Choose ‘Delete’ from the menu.

That is the procedure for Instagram slideshow deletion. You must do the same actions to remove your Instagram posts, regardless of whether you only uploaded a single video, image, or possibly an Instagram carousel.  

Limits of the Feature

Starting in May 2023, only devices running iOS on Instagram include the ability to remove individual photos from carousel posts. If you follow the instructions above, you will see that after removing a picture from an Instagram carousel, you cannot save your modifications.

However, due to the overwhelming demand from users of Instagram, the capability will eventually be added to smartphones running Android, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. The removal of certain images from albums is not possible on Instagram. Instagram only allows you to delete a single picture at a time since every picture is seen as a separate option.

The tool will undoubtedly be helpful, but to make the most of it, Instagram’s technologists should release an update that works on Android and enables users to delete numerous photographs.You may adjust by utilizing a few ideas for making your Instagram picture dump terrific, so you only have to remove specific photographs later on once the capability is entirely operating on Instagram for Android.

You must first delete the post to remove a particular photo from a collection of images you uploaded as a carousel. Then, you must repost the other embodiments without the deleted image.


To enhance its accessibility and consumer pleasure, Instagram is planning several upgrades for its app. The following versions may permit removing photographs from an Android carousel and other user-friendly adjustments. However, after deleting photos, you can upload new pictures and buy Instagram likes for the post.