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How to Create a Luxury Makeup Vanity in Your Bathroom

Being organized can help reduce stress, decrease confusion, and combat irritability. These mental health benefits mean that having adequate storage space is critical for your well-being.

A luxury makeup vanity is a great way to declutter your bathroom while keeping all your beauty products accessible. Read on to learn how you can create an awesome makeup vanity today.

Choose a Luxury Makeup Vanity

Your vanity itself will be a small countertop. It usually will be made from wood painted in your favorite color. Some luxury-minded homeowners prefer natural stone or granite to match their other bathroom countertops.

Make sure that you choose something with enough countertop space to hold all of your cabinets and makeup boxes. It’s also important that there are drawers in the vanity. This will let you store everything in a special place while keeping visual clutter to a minimum.

Build a Sitting Area

In 80s movies, you probably have noticed that people do their makeup while sitting at a vanity. You can channel these vibes by putting a big mirror on top of the counter. It should face you and show off not only your face but your outfit, too.

Get a comfortable chair and place it in front of the vanity. This is where you’ll sit while getting ready. Make sure that it’ll support your back for as long as you need to do your hair and makeup.

Keep Everything Accessible

If you’re anything like the average woman, you probably own about 40 cosmetic products. You also probably use some more than others.

Regular skincare items, daily mascara and lipstick, foundation, and hair products are likely among those you use every day. Others, like hairspray or specialized makeup, mignt be more for special occasions.

Make sure that those you use most frequently are the most accessible items. Put them in your top drawer or on the countertop itself.

Remember to push them into a corner or into an organizer if you plan to keep them out, though. You don’t want clutter, and you definitely don’t want to misplace things.

Personalize the Space

When designing a luxury bathroom, it’s important to make the space your own. Beyond just choosing between types of vanities, you’ll need to pick some art to make the area look great. Retro or vintage art is perfect if you want to channel the women who enjoyed luxury makeup vanities in the past.

You also may want to match your vanity to other home decor.

Keep the colors of your space consistent with other rooms to draw your home together. Get a German kitchen and match your vanity area to it. The possibilities are limitless.

Get Started With Home Improvement

Now that you know how to create and decorate a luxury makeup vanity, it’s time to get started. Check out the “lifestyle” section of our home page to learn more about designing a top-notch space. You may also be interested in the “real estate” tab to learn more about making your house look amazing.

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