How to create a lawyer website: complete guideline?

Today’s website represents a crucial business card for those looking for customers who want to increase their online visibility. Even lawyers are, therefore, also called to operate online through a professional platform studied in detail to intercept and involve customers. 

The single talented professional (and a law firm of several consultants) must present themselves on the web with a platform worthy of their profession, which immediately transmits trust and credibility. But what are the fundamental characteristics of a website for lawyers? Here are all the elements to consider: from the structure to the contents to the SEO.

Objectives and structure

Setting goals is the first step when creating a lawyer or law firm website. Usually, the following results are desired:

  • reach to the customers in a specific geographical area
  • increase the popularity and authority of the study, generating positive word of mouth

We act after defining the objectives and analyzing the market and target audience. The structure study stands out among the first activities to be carried out: which items to include in the menu? What content will appear on individual pages? It is necessary to trace the path the user can take between the site sections.

Among the pages that cannot be missed, we find:

  • The “About Us” page is dedicated to the Firm with the Mission and the Team
  • Contacts, it is essential to allow potential clients to contact the Firm through different channels
  • Reviews, or rather the famous page “They say about us,” in which to enter the opinions of customers

Content and Graphics

The saying “Content is King” also applies above all when dealing with a lawyer site development. The contents allow a professional to communicate effectively and immediately with his audience. The language or tone of voice is fundamental. It is necessary to be very clear in choosing the terms to explain concepts that may seem difficult to a layman. To achieve the targeted objective, it is essential to avoid the “legalese” or the use of words that are difficult and understandable only to those in the sector, mentions of codes, regulations and paragraphs.

The Importance of Local SEO

SEO plays a significant role in increasing the Firm’s online visibility. It allows you to intercept a targeted organic audience. A person looking online for a lawyer often has a specific problem to solve, thanks to an experienced lawyer. For example, you may be interested in divorce, criminal, or civil lawyers. Therefore, it is necessary to start with a study of keywords to create SEO-optimized content. But that’s not enough. Keyword research must be studied locally and delimited in space. A lawyer addresses a specific geographic area, city, or province.

Syed Qasim

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