How to Crafting Powerful Bows for PoE Toxic Rain Build?

Hello and welcome to a guide on crafting bows for your Toxic Rain build. In this article, LOLTANK will be discussing the steps to create a powerful bow for your character, and how to do it on a POE Currency budget.

Firstly, we will start with the budget version of the bow. To start, you will need to obtain six Porcupine cards to acquire a six-link short bow with item level 50. These cards can be farmed in maps such as Courtyard, Gardens, and Orchards, or purchased from other players for varying prices between 7 and 15 chaos.

The reason why this bow is so strong is that it doesn’t matter what item level it is on as everything you want can still roll on it. The key advantage of this bow over a Quill Rain is not just the damage, but the fact that it already gives you a six-link bow, eliminating the need for a six-link Lightning Coil. A five-link will do just fine since the build is Ballista-focused.

Once you have obtained the six-link short bow, the next step is to spam Shrieking Essences of Dread on it. It is essential to use Shrieking Essences as they give a plus two level of socketed bow gems. The goal is to roll a decent attack speed tier three or higher, and the item must have an open suffix and prefix.

After you have achieved a good attack speed roll and open suffix and prefix, you can proceed to use a Divine Orb to craft “cannot roll attack mods.” This craft ensures that the only mod remaining on the prefixes is a plus one to gem levels. This step is deterministic and will always give you the desired result.

The final step is to use an Exalted Orb to get the plus one level of socketed gems, which is the only mod left on the prefixes. Once you have obtained this mod, remove the “cannot roll attack mods” craft, and you are ready to craft on the Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier, the best possible craft.

To acquire the Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier, you can get a veiled mod from a two-handed or one-handed craft until you get 20. With that, your bow is complete and ready to use for your Toxic Rain build.

To obtain the endgame hunter thicket bow, we need to get a hunter thicket bow with item level 78 or higher. If it doesn’t come with a six-link, we will have to buy it from trade. If it’s too expensive, we can buy a normal thicket bow and slam it with a hunter’s exalted orb to make it into a hunter bow.

To craft the bow, we need to alt spam and use the null and regal until we have only a tier-one attack speed roll left. We want it to be rare. After that, we need to use an orb of annulment to remove all other mods and have only the tier-one attack speed mod remaining. We then need to regal and use another orb of annulment to have the attack speed mod as the only mod left on the bow.

The first two divines come from crafting, which allows us to block a suffix and prevent any attack mods from being added. The second craft is to take the cannot roll attack modifiers, which means we can have up to two other crafts. We then apply the plus one level to socketed gems and chaos damage over time mods, which are the two mods we want.

The chaos damage over time mod can roll from tier 4 to tier 1, so it’s based on RNG. The plus-one level to socketed gems mod is guaranteed. We then need to remove the crafts and reapply them to craft on two desired mods: chaos damage over time multiplier and plus two levels to socketed support gems. If we want something better than tier 4 chaos damage over time, we can recraft, but it’s expensive.

In general, these bows enhance your build quite a bit. Chlorine feels a lot better with these bows, although we may miss the attack speed a little bit.

In conclusion, crafting a powerful bow for your Toxic Rain build can be done without breaking the bank. With the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a potent weapon that will carry you through the early and mid-game, and even into the end-game if you choose.


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